Your Smart Window Cleaning Service

//Your Smart Window Cleaning Service

Your Smart Window Cleaning Service

The smart window cleaners profile.

Window cleaners come in all shapes and sizes; but some are just smarter than others.
What are these “smarts” that separate the men from the boys in the world of Window Cleaning here in good old Melbourne town?

1. Motivation

This attribute is the driving force that propels the smart Window Cleaner to heights; (pardon the pun); that the laid back or casual guy/gal will never attain.
A classic example of motivation mixed with a good dose of common sense is the career of an individual by the name of “Jim.”
Jim’s is now a household name; and like all successful entrepreneurs; Jim had a very basic and simple idea to mow lawns; but to do so using his smarts.
I met Jim some 32 years ago; when we were living in Montmorency; and I was impressed with his “big” idea to grow a huge business. It was his zeal and enthusiasm that stood out. By stint of his incredible energy and motivation;  Jim’s plan succeeded; and the rest is history.

2. Persistence

I recall the story about how Kentucky Fried Chicken started out; and how Colonel Harland Sanders at the age of 65 had tried to “sell” his now famous recipe to restaurants and other outlets; and was knocked back 1009 times before he made his first sale.
Undaunted by a long list of no thank you’s;  Mr Sanders persisted; and finally opened his first KFC franchise in 1952 and by 1962; (just 10 years on); he had opened 600 stores in the US! That is what you call persistence in the face of a massive number of rejections.
Like many businesses; Window cleaners come and go; and only those who are persistent survive. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months.
Like all business enterprises; the secret to success in the Window Cleaning game is never give up.

3. Ethics

The smart Window cleaner is also an ethical Window Cleaner.
Sure; we all can be tempted to make a fast buck by cheating; over promising; taking short cuts, or over charging. The name for this unethical conduct is called; “ripping the client off.” Such individuals who go down that path will eventually fail. They may fool some of the clients some of the time; however; reputations are not easy to establish; and are easily damaged by poor ethical judgement and behaviour.

4. Setting achievable goals

if our budding Window cleaning operator has no idea about how far he envisages Washing Windows will take him in the next five; ten,or even twenty years; he/she is unlikely to prosper. The old saying that a ship without a rudder will inevitably run foul of the rocks.
Another way to look at this is summed up like this; “if you fail to plan; you will inadvertently be planning to fail.

5. Knowledge

It has been often quoted; a little knowledge is dangerous; and this is very true in regards to the art of Window Cleaning. As they say in the classics; “don’t try this at home.”
Scaling ladders to a second story and at the same juggling Window Cleaning equipment is no picnic.

6. Are you suited to work in this kind of business?

You need smarts to figure out whether or not you are prepared to meet the challenges of running a successful Window Cleaning company. Do the necessary research before embarking on this difficult kind of work half baked.
Ask yourself some important questions.
Do I have adequate interpersonal skills? Am I scared of heights?
Am I physically capable and fit enough to carry on washing House Windows day after day after day?
Have I gleaned enough knowledge from others and on line; or undertaken a crash course so as to have enough basic information to get started?
Have I acquired the correct equipment?  Finally; do I enjoy cleaning?


The smart and successful Window Cleaning Service here in Melbourne is operated by those who have done the hard yards. They have succeeded through the school of hard knocks, and have come out the end well schooled because of their motivation and persistence.
There is an old saying that “smart” operators will share with you.
“The harder I work; the luckier I get.”
My favourite maxim is; it’s taken our Company 35 years to become an “overnight” success.

Calling AAA Supershine Window Cleaning may be one of the smartest thing you will do ; especially if you would love to see a massive Sparkling Clean difference in your house windows; and all from the comfort of your lounge room chair!
We love Window Cleaning!

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