Window cleaning for Dummies?

//Window cleaning for Dummies?

Window cleaning for Dummies?

Do we recommend DIY  Window cleaning?

Before we begin; we need to state from the outset, that the purpose of this article is not about providing information on how to clean windows. In fact; on the contrary; we want to warn the ignorant layperson that attempting to clean one’s own windows is not the smartest thing to do.

The internet has a wealth of information for the “dummy”

If you care to scan the internet; you will notice various individuals or companies offering tips or methods on how to clean windows. There are many useful sites on “how to” do it yourself. They indeed can offer solutions for certain skills that they have obviously  “over” simplified for the consumer. Many of these self help sites are dubbed; “for dummies”; and indeed following such instruction may save some people the cost of engaging a professional to undertake those specific tasks.

Ask yourself – are all do it yourself jobs safe?

If you have classified yourself as a “dummy;” it may be legitimate and safe for you to educate yourself in relation to various specialised tasks. Things like computer technology; servicing your car; erecting shelves in your home; building retaining walls in your garden; etc; etc.
All of these jobs may be absolutely fine for you to do yourself – with a little help from your friends on www. In undertaking those tasks, you are not necessarily putting yourself at risk of life and limb. This is not the case if someone attempts to clean windows.

What is the problem with cleaning one’s own windows?

Let’s assume that you own a two story or split level dwelling. You may have unusual types of glass such as shugg windows; colonial windows; or delicate glass?
How do you “learn” how to clean your windows from a second story ladder?
Sure; you may be able to clean A window; or even a few easy to clean windows on the ground floor.
Notwithstanding; what will you do about the rest of those difficult to reach windows on an angled roof; a split level, or a second story dwelling?

What our erstwhile dummies should know

The truth is that most well meaning people; (especially the masculine variety); may announce to their wives or partners; “I am not paying for someone to clean my windows!
Why should we part with our hard earned, when it is a job that I can do myself?
The unfortunate fact is this; many serious accidents and injuries occur purely due to a lack of experience; know how; or correct use of equipment. There is a very old saying which is still true today; “a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.”
We believe that Individuals should not attempt to tackle the very difficult job of cleaning the windows of their homes primarily; (but not exclusively); for safety reasons.

Why should you engage a professional?

There are many reasons why engaging professionals is your wisest and best option.
If you pay a Window cleaning Company $100.00 to clean the outside of your two story home; you may save yourself thousands of dollars in hospital bills; or even long term pain and disablement resulting from a fall off the ladder.
You should ensure that the company you hire has full insurance.
Their Insurance policy should include public liability and accident insurance.

Choosing a skilled  guarantees a great job

Do not be fooled into believing that Domestic Window cleaning is easy. From my own experience; it took me three long years to become an overnight success.
There are different types and textures of glass; and many do’s and don’ts that the professional Window cleaner has had to learn through the school of hard knocks.
Mastering the Squeegee alone takes a long time and persistence. Climbing ladders is also a scary and difficult thing to do. Cleaning a second story window from the ladder is even scarier; and should not be attempted by a novice.

Leave it to the experts

We know from our vast experience, that most people who attempt to clean their own windows will be disappointed with the results of their endeavours. Furthermore; such individuals run the risk of serious injury if things go wrong.
Whilst the well intentioned novice genuinely give it their best shot; in the end, the vast majority have to concede that their goal to do a great job has failed.

Our unsolicited advice to the uneducated “dummy;” is to save yourself a lot of time and trouble. Why not look up your local Professional Window cleaner; and get him/her to clean your windows?
He/she will take the stress of you; and your family; and all for a very reasonable price.

Don’t be a dummy!

Do the smart thing – In the end you and your family will be glad you did. Your home windows will be sparkling and spotlessly clean when they have been thoroughly cleaned by the qualified and equipped professional.  Sure; dummies can do some things themselves; but our advice is; please do not attempt to clean your own windows.

John McAuliffe

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