Window Cleaning tips for the wanna be novice

//Window Cleaning tips for the wanna be novice

Window Cleaning tips for the wanna be novice

Do’s and don’ts for the budding Window Cleaner novice.

Before we jump in; let’s examine; and try to identify the types of individuals who might fit the profile of a competent and successful candidate. It’s often been said that CLEANING WINDOWS is not for the faint hearted; and I would heartily agree with that sentiment.

What are some of the prerequisites then for our erstwhile novice?

1. Physically fit and agile.

You do not need to be seven feet tall; however, if you are taller than average; this is a distinct advantage. You will need a level of fitness to handle climbing ladders; and washing a couple of homes inside and out – in one day.  Agility is also important, because you sometimes need to stretch up and across to reach awkwardly designed windows. This flexibility is also required for squatting down in order to wash low hung windows.

2. The correct tools and Equipment

Without the correct ladders and implements; you will be severely handicapped. For 90% of jobs; you will need an 8 metre extension ladder; and a 2. 5 fold out style step ladder.
These can be purchased more cheaply at BUNNINGS or Bristol Paints.
You can also purchase the entire supply of gear that you will need; (including ladders); from a reputable professional WINDOW CLEANING supplies store; such as THE CLEANING SHOP; 283 hIgh Street in the MELBOURNE suburb of Kew.  Jolian is the proprietor; and is very helpful and knowledgeable.
Jolian can advise you about the WINDOW CLEANING SUPPLIES that you will require; such as; squeegees; buckets; detergents; ladders; steel wool; scraper blades; cleaning cloths; safety gear; etc.

3. Quality gear

From the word go; insist on purchasing top quality materials.
One can purchase cheap gear from Coles, or on line; but this is false economy. You will soon discover how difficult it is to clean clients windows with poor quality cleaning supplies. Clients expect and demand a PROFESSIONAL quality standard; and if you want repeat business; this is a vital requirement.

4.Learn the trade from an expert

Don’t waste time trying to muddle your way through tips from your friends or relatives. The best advice I can give you is to seek out a local WINDOW CLEANING COMPANY; or a competent Window Cleaner; and ask him if he will give you some advice. You could even suggest that you will work with him for a few days for free!
The experience you will gain by LEARNING on the job, will prove to be invaluable.

5. Be patient and persistent

The old saying; “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, is still good advice to keep in mind. Provided you have the appropriate materials; the correct know how; enthusiasm; and motivation; you should do well.  At first; you will be slow; but if you keep at it; you will be amazed at how quickly your speed picks up.

6. Do the right thing

Here is one of my favourite sayings; “you can’t go wrong; doing the right thing!”
Did you know that the most successful businesses are the most ethical and honest ones? Do not be tempted to take short cuts when you are providing a
WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE as a viable business model.
Any unethical attitude or work practice will come back to bite you. Reputations are hard won; and lost very easily.

7. Advertising

The best and least expensive advertisement is the quality of your work; and your demeanour towards clients. The word soon gets around; and you should receive recommendations and referrals; provided you are PROFESSIONAL; courteous; trustworthy; reliable; EFFICIENT; and charge an affordable rate. Of course you need to ensure that you have a presence on the internet; and if you plan on making a go of the business; you should consider building a website. You can check the costs to place ads in the local paper, and the Yellow Pages; but these can be quite expensive until you get yourself established.

In conclusion

Not every person embarking on this WINDOW CLEANING journey makes the grade.
You may have dotted your eyes, and crossed your tees; but discover that you do not enjoy this kind of work.
Also; many businesses fail within the first 12 months; however; you can join the ranks of those who are successful; by sticking to your guns; and being determined to be the BEST POSSIBLE WINDOW CLEANER in your community.

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