Why do Clients engage Window Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

//Why do Clients engage Window Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

Why do Clients engage Window Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

Why do you have your Windows cleaned?

Having a great deal of knowledge about Domestic window Cleaning, I believe we are in a unique position for making observations about the when and the why many clients decide to have their windows cleaned.

There are of course the four seasons; and when we first began offering our Window Cleaning Services to Melbourne residents; there did not appear to be a great deal of concern from clients about what happened to be the season when they elected to have their Windows cleaned.
Notwithstanding this; there seems to be several factors behind why client’s engage a Local Window Cleaner.

Purpose driven motivations to tackle this job

If Window cleaning was very easy to do; most homeowners would undertake this task themselves.
The following are the most common reasons a decision is reached by the family to clean their House windows

1. “Encouragement” from your partner.
Speaking as a householder; I was only ever motivated to clean just a few of the main windows when my dear wife pushed me hard enough – until I finally caved into her pressure and made some time to clean them.

2. Guests are coming!
Another very strong motivating factor for homeowners to spruce up their Home Windows, is when they know guests are expected; and the pedantic one in the household really wants to create a good impression for his/her friends.

3. A special occasion
No matter what time of the year; (rain, hail or shine); when Christmas rolls around; a Wedding celebration; a Christening; a baby shower; or perhaps even a wake; (and your home happens to be the focal point); then there is that usual last minute mad scramble to get things done.
Quick; let’s arrange someone to tidy up the garden; let’s engage a House cleaner to clean the house; and oh yes; we really have to clean those filty windows; preferably by a Professional Window Cleaner!
Most clients are willing to part with a $100 or so; to ensure that the Windows are cleaned really well. Often this decision is made reluctantly and after both parties have resigned themselves to the reality that neither of them have the time nor the inclination to wash those pesky windows.

4. The Windows are difficult to clean
There are many split level; two stories; and even even three story homes today. These windows are far too dangerous for Homeowners to reach. Then there are the shugg windows; the Colonial Windows; and not to mention those leadlights. All of these different styles of Windows are a significant challenge for the average person to clean really well.

5. After a renovation 
Windows are usually in dire need of  a Professional Window Cleaner immediately after the completion of a renovation or an extension. Most Builders do not include a detailed Window Cleaning Service in the Building agreement.

6. When the family Home is on the market 
Real Estate Companies usually advise their clients to present their homes in an immaculate condition before the first open for inspection. it is generally viewed that Window Cleaning, and indeed in depth House Cleaning be a part of presenting homes in the best possible light so as to maximise the impact for prospective.buyers.

7. The regular fussy client
Regular clients are the life blood; and the backbone of a succesful Window Cleaning Enterprise; and we are thankful that there is a category of motivated clients; (albeit in the minority); who do not seem to require one of the previously stated reasons to call A Window CLeaning Company to come and Clean their Windows again. They are the House Proud clients who want their Windows looking Sparkling come what may. These client’s want us to call them between four to six months; and we are more than happy to oblige.

What if you only want to Clean your Windows irregularly?

We are often asked by the intermittent client; when is the best time of the year to get the best value from having my windows cleaned? The answer may surprise some. The best time is Autumn and Winter! The cooler months are the optimum time to give your Windows a Sparkling Clean makeover, because there is much less dust from those hot Spring/Summer Northerly winds that regularly blow through good old Melbourne.
Secondly; there are very little fly or insect attacks at this time of the year, and as a result of fewer flying creepy crawlies; there are a lot less spiders and their annoying cobwebs. If you want your Windows looking Sparkling Clean for much longer; (and you can only afford an annual visit); then we recommend that you choose the months of April through to August.

So there it is; we hope this candid overview will give you an insight into the typical Window Cleaning habits of the average Melbournian.

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