Who needs a skilled Window cleaner?

//Who needs a skilled Window cleaner?

Who needs a skilled Window cleaner?

Window Cleaning is dead easy; right?

If you were to ask the typical homeowner what they thought about washing their house windows; most would likely say that it is a fairly simple and straight forward process, and the only problem is that they have difficulty in finding the time to undertake this job.
The unvarnished truth however; is this – Window Cleaning; (whether it be your private residence; office; or a Brand New Home – Builders clean); is an incredibly difficult job that most of us would rather not have to confront or think about doing.
The stark reality is that any kind of Window cleaning can also be incredibly hazardous for the “unskilled” novice.

What “skills” are required to be a window cleaner?

Talking from personal experience; you will need to master the “art” of scaling extension ladders that will reach to at least a second story.
The first time I found myself climbing that extension ladder; my knees were knocking together; and my heart was racing and pounding in my chest!
I did not want to be anywhere near the top of that ladder; and yet in order to reach the windows; that is precisely what had to happen. Once having negotiated each step towards the windows that were waiting to be cleaned; I then had to carefully reach across; wash them down; and hold the ladder like grim death whilst using the squeegee to wipe down the suds off the glass.

You may well discover just how difficult this is when you are holding your breath, and all the while hoping that the ladder will not slip out from under you. Then there is the very real danger that you may lose your footing, and/or slip off that ladder as you gingerly descended down each rung until you finally reach terra ferma.

No dramas for you?

As dramatic as this may sound to some; nevertheless; I would strongly advise anyone who has a two story home, never to entertain the thought of attempting to wash those second level windows. Window cleaning is an extremely difficult and often a scary task; and in my opinion, simply not worth your life and limb in an attempt to save a few dollars.
Granted; you may not wish to part with your hard earned dollars by engaging a professional Window Cleaning professional to assist you with this challenging job; notwithstanding; think about the very real risk of incurring serious injury; or worse; what happens next if you should fall of that ladder?

Is cleaning your own Windows an effective option?

The other issue to consider is this? What sort of a cleaning job do you hope you will manage to achieve without a great deal of knowledge or experience?. If one is honest; you know that it is not possible to clean your own windows to the high quality standard that a professional Window cleaner will achieve for you. Take it from one who knows; an inexperienced person will soon discover just how time consuming and frustrating it is attempting to wash house windows.
Sure; you may have to part with a $100 or so to get a brilliant job done. This initial cost could end up being a more prudent alternative; and will absolutely save yourself a lot of time and energy.
An extra incentive may be eliminating the possibility of an expensive and lengthy hospital stay.

The professional Window cleaning Company

There are many excellent Window cleaning Services throughout Melbourne; and our Company; AAA Supershine Window cleaning is happy to boast that we have established thousands of satisfied clients that span from the Eastern; Northern; North Eastern, and many other suburbs in the Melbourne Metropolitan region.

Give yourself a break; and allow the skilled Window cleaner to help you

A solid and established Window cleaning Company will be fully insured; have interpersonal skills; pay attention to details such as cobwebs; fly screens; and window ledges. The ideal window cleaning contractor to engage, is someone who is skilled in the art of Window cleaning; who loves what they do; are ethical and honest; and who will give you value for your money.
Saving a dollar is always desirable; however, it is also vital that you seriously consider utilising the services of a quality Window cleaning Company.

Do your own research to find the Best Window Cleaning Service

Domestic Window cleaners expect to win the trust of clients, and achieve their repeat business; however; they ought to be able to conclusively demonstrate to clients, that they can back up claims of top quality workmanship. If existing clients, or indeed new clients are thrilled with Window cleaning services, they will have no hesitation in vouching for them.
Window cleaning is a learnt skill; and so we say; do not be misled into thinking that you can undertake this very difficult task that you and your family may end up regretting.

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