What Type Of Home Infestation Do You Have?

//What Type Of Home Infestation Do You Have?

What Type Of Home Infestation Do You Have?

Home should be your safe haven. It is the place where you should be able to unwind, kick off your shoes and be yourself. It is the place where infants should be able to crawl about the floor and where little ones should be able to enjoy cozy play times without being harmed or plagued by pesky bugs.

Sometimes your home could look perfectly clean and yet there could be a nasty infestation lurking that could be affecting the health of you and your children or causing all sorts of discomfort in your family. If you are suddenly experiencing strange symptoms, bug bites or rashes then it might be time to deep clean your home because you might be dealing with an infestation. Here are the top signs of infestations that could be lurking away inside your home.


If you or your children are suddenly plagued by burning painful sensations, raised itchy bumps with a clear or dark centre or small bumps and welts across your skin that is often accompanied by blisters then you might have a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are very small and can easily hide away in your mattress and linen. They feed off your blood while you sleep. Bed bugs can be maintained by washing your linen and heavier bedding items such as pillows and comforters regularly in warm water. You can also use a hand steamer to clean the mattress in order to kill bugs and eggs.


Cockroaches are some of the most common home infestations and these bugs are not easy to get rid of. They can even live in radioactive environments. If you have a massive breakout of cockroaches then it is time to get an exterminator to debug your home.

At AAA House Cleaning, we can then help you deep clean your kitchen of all dead insects and their messes. You can prevent roach infestations by keeping your home and especially kitchen clean and free from food scraps at all times. If there is no time for kitchen clean-ups, we invite you to make use of our domestic home cleaning services on a regular basis in order to keep your home roach free and healthy.


Fleas don’t just bite animals. These insects can infest your home and can cause your family a lot of discomforts. Fleas tend to bite you on areas of your body where clothing fits tightly. This is usually where rubber bands of underwear sit. These bites can continue to itch for days and the marks take weeks to disappear. You can treat fleas by treating cats and dogs and by washing linen and pet bedding in hot water with soap.  All carpets should be vacuumed properly and loose rugs should also be properly washed in warm water in order to destroy fleas and larvae.

Head lice

Is your scalp itching or does your child seem to scratch her head a lot? The chances are pretty good that you are dealing with head lice. These tiny bugs are challenging to remove, itch like crazy and can even cause rashes on the scalp and neckline. Head lice should be treated with lice and nit shampoo but in addition to this treatment, you should also get all linen washed in hot water.


Spider infestations are pretty easy to spot since their webs tell you of their presence. But did you know that spiders likely invade your home because you have plenty of other bugs hiding in the house? If you spot lots of spider webs then you need to do more than just remove webs. Your home probably needs a proper, deep clean.


Flies are annoying and are usually attracted to your house by foul odours or food smells. Try to keep your kitchen clean and food scrap free so you won’t have to struggle with as many flies inside the house. You can also freshen up carpets and rooms by giving these areas a good clean in order to remove foul odours.

Getting rid of infestations is hard work and while AAA House Cleaning isn’t pest control, we help tremendously for ridding your home of these invaders. We can properly deep clean all home surfaces, wash your linen for you, vacuum those carpets and much more in order to remove these infestations.

Our cleaners can also help you maintain a fresher smelling and clean home which will prevent infestations from happening in the first place. Give our cleaners a call and protect your family from infestations while you enjoy a beautiful and clean home.

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