The truth about House cleaning Services

//The truth about House cleaning Services

The truth about House cleaning Services

All you wanted to know about House cleaning Services; but were too busy to ask.

Have you ever wondered why there appears to be so many anomalies pertaining to consumers “opinions” about the quality of a product or the delivery of a service?
Perhaps you are about to purchase a new car; and you ask a few friends for their opinion; or you go on line and check out the reviews for the particular model you are interested in.
No matter what consumer product or service you are researching; the reviews of any one object of interest can range from absolutely terrible to absolutely wonderful – for the very same item! Wading through countless  reviews can be frustrating and confusing; and we have all been there.  Should we deduce from this  anomoly,  that “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”?

What is the best approach for finding the best product or service?

The House Cleaning and Window cleaning enterprises here in Melbourne are no different to any other “purchase” you may make; however, finding the most appropruiate service tailored to your unique needs can be a minefield for the uninitiated.
It is quite normal for most of us who are watching our budget to want the best possible Domestic Cleaner or Window Cleaner; and dare we suggest; at the best possible price.
Notwithstanding our natural tendency to hope for a genuine bargain; many of us have learned that in general; you do get what you pay for.  Perhaps without even realising it; we tick off various predetermined desirable attributes of a service provider.

Experience is the greatest teacher

Is it reasonable to compare the purchase of an inanimate item to that of seeking to pay for a Domestic Cleaning Service you hope will be suited to your needs?
Can purchasing an inanimate object that just sits there in your home, be compared to consciously deciding to agree to an individual invading your private living space?
With that question in mind; it is more than likely that your choice of Cleaner will be determined by many and varied criteria.
In most cases; newbie clients have to rely on their intuition; and/or perhaps the presentation of the House Cleaning Companies they are canvassing.  A well presented website is a good place to start; but is not necessarily the be all and end all for achieving the excellent job you are desiring for you and your family home.

Here are some of the issues we have learnt will determine; (in the first instance); why you may choose one Company above another.

1. A person answers your initial call; or responds in a timely manner to the message you have left with them.
2. The response to your enquiry is professional; courteous, informative and succinct.
3. If you should decide to engage a Home Cleaner; that individual makes prompt contact with you to set up an appointment.
4. When the appointment is made; the Cleaner arrives on time; or calls you if there is any unforeseen delay.
5. When the cleaner enters your home; they follow best practice for that Companies procedural protocols.
6. The new cleaner demonstrates excellent communication skills; and proves to possess competent Domestic Cleaning acumen.
7. The Cleaner proves to be ethical; and fulfil to the letter the agreed number of tasks you required; and works for the number of hours you set up with them.
8. The cleaner pays attention to the smallest detail.

Deal breakers

Many clients will not proceed with their initial choice of Cleaning Company purely based on their overall experience. If you should perceive indifference in the attitude of the Domestic Cleaner or the representative of the Residential cleaning Company, it is highly likely that you will seek out another provider; and rightly so.

If you deem the cleaning to be unsatisfactory; this may be due to the following

1. Inadequate information of the clients needs recorded by the cleaner.
2. Insufficient details conveyed to the cleaner by the Company about the client’s basic requirements.
3. The cleaner is not sufficiently trained or is inexperienced in the art of House Cleaning or Window cleaning; (as the case may be).
4. The cleaner does not possess the necessary communication skill to trouble shoot when anomalies arise.
5. The company fails to follow up that the client was satisfied; especially in the event that they have sent a brand new cleaner to them.

Maintenance of excellence

It is often said “familiarity breeds contempt.”
This human failing is no excuse if a Professional Home Cleaning or Window cleaning Company hopes to retain existing clients who may have initially been delighted with their services.  We have the following saying that we endeavour to instil into our Cleaning Contractors at AAA Supershine Home Services.
You are only as good as the last job that you have done!
Cleaners simply cannot afford to have a bad day; otherwise this reflects badly on a Companies image. You have the right to searching for a service and helper who will “consistently” meet your needs.

Client satisfaction must be the goal

We recommend that new clients provide us with honest feedback about how well we have done in the provision of the services we offer.
The truth is; we need to not only obtain the appropriate amount of initial information from all our clients, but then “continue” to deliver that exceptional standard of service in a very competitive environment.
This can only be achieved by seeking out and engaging the very best Domestic Cleaners and Window Cleaners that are available in The Melbourne Zone.
Domestic Cleaning and Window Cleaning Agencies; are obligated ensure that they have covered all bases. Client’s get to decide whether or not they have consistently fulfilled their highest expectations.

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