The evolution of Window cleaning Services in Melbourne

//The evolution of Window cleaning Services in Melbourne

The evolution of Window cleaning Services in Melbourne

Was Domestic Window Cleaning always a necessity?

Over the the last fifty years; there have been a transition in the fortunes of the average Australian family.

In the fifties and sixties; the average family home was relatively small. Incomes were also modest. Dad was the principle bread winner; and regular outside help for Domestic type Window Cleaning services was not only deemed unnecessary; but also viewed as unaffordable.
Further; cleaning the House windows of single story dwellings was relatively easy due to the small number of windows in the average home. Finances were very tight; and it was a time when most of us were more concerned about relieving tight fitting shoes; or what mum was going to make with mince meat for tea, rather than a relatively minor concern of how dirty the windows might have been.

The changing Window Cleaning needs of the next generation.

Throughout the seventies and eighties there was a gradual change to larger homes; however, even then, families were struggling to make ends meet. House prices exploded; and there was a massive shortage of tradies due to Baby Boomers building their homes en masse. There was about to be a significant change in attitude to the needs of these massive dwellings they now inhabited compared to the much smaller homes they grew up in.

Two income families

The most dramatic transition in this period was that most families were being mortgaged to the max; and requiring two incomes to fund their more imposing loans.
The larger homes were necessarily demanding more maintenance. These Homes were not only becoming larger, but more and more of them were either split level or double story.
The fashionable homes in the late seventies and eighties had vaulted ceilings and had very high floor to ceiling windows and skylights installed.

Enter the Window cleaner

Over the ensuing years; these new homeowners began to notice that Household maintenance was becoming necessary to address on a more regular basis. Incomes continued to rise; and eventually the dirty windows became a chore that desperately needed attention.
The reality became patently obvious that the larger home required; (among other things); a decision as to who was going to tackle the daunting task of cleaning the windows.
It was the year 1979 when our company AAA Supershine Window Cleaning began operations cleaning private homes.
This turned out to be the ideal time to begin offering home owners a Professional Window Cleaning Service.

Window Cleaning not a flash in the pan requirement

As the years went on into the nineties and beyond; more and more clients could afford to have their windows cleaned at least twice a year; and they were prepared to pay the professional to do so.
There was an explosion in the number of Window Cleaning companies; due in large part to the demand from the owners of even larger homes that were being built from the nineties onwards. Clients found our service from a small ad that we placed in the local paper; and from the many recommendations we received from happy clients.

The Professional Window cleaner versus the cowboy

Over time we learnt that there were definite shades of grey In terms of the quality of the Window Cleaning Services being offered.
Whilst it is true to say that some clients were happy to pay much less for a “quickie” Window Cleaner to whip around their homes; and not be terribly fussy; the vast majority preferred a quality job.  It is unprofessional and sloppy to wash the glass and leave streaks; spotty residue; let alone cobwebs and window sills looking ordinary.
Our attitude to those who take short cuts is that they are the cowboys of the Window Cleaning industry; and we are of the view that too many of them they bring the reputation of this business into disrepute.

Clients expectations are different today

We always have to fit in with the changing needs of the client; and over the years we have established thousands of regular clients. Notwithstanding; contemporary Window Cleaning Companies need to recognise the times we are living in today are starkly different than thirty or forty years ago.
With the advent of the internet and mobile phones; clients are able to access a huge range of services almost instantaneously.
If we hope to retain established clients; we must maintain the highest possible quality standards of workmanship and integrity; and to do so at a fair and affordable price.

No turning the clock back

In conclusion; we have witnessed a dramatic transformation in the development of the Home Services sector of the economy; and this sector continues to expand and flourish as families experience more and more pressures on their time.

Gone are the days when the family could easily ignore the task of cleaning their own windows.

Domestic Window Cleaning is now well established as a job that should be undertaken by a professional; not an inexperienced homeowner.

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