How to find the Best Domestic Window Cleaners in Melbourne

//How to find the Best Domestic Window Cleaners in Melbourne

How to find the Best Domestic Window Cleaners in Melbourne

Recommended protocols for selecting the best DOMESTIC WINDOW CLEANERS.

What are the qualities that make an excellent Window Cleaner?
Ask yourself some questions about the kind of person you want to clean in and around your home.

The best Window cleaners should tick several boxes

By undertaking the necessary background checks beforehand; you will avoid the disappointment of engaging the wrong person. Seek out someone who has your best interests at heart.

1. How professional are they in their approach and demeanour?

Look for polished presentation in their advertising. How long have they been in business? Do they have a website? Do they wear a Company uniform? Do they have business cards/magnets?

2. Are they experienced in the cleaning of private homes?

It is important to do your research and only choose Window Cleaning Services that are specialists in the cleaning of Residential premises.

3. Are the contractors of good character?

The best person should be honest, trustworthy and ethical. They must be willing and able to offer you quality, affordability; and possess excellent customer relations skills.

4. What is their background?

You need to carefully consider the credentials of people who will be working in your property.
Look for an established Window Cleaning company, and ensure that they have public liability and personal injury insurances. Ask them for referrals from other clients that they may have serviced in the past.

5. Are they local?

The local Window Cleaner is more likely to give you prompt service. They are able to offer you a regular and reliable service for your future window cleaning needs.

6. Do they have a credible presence?

An excellent Domestic Window Cleaning Service will be visible; and you should lean towards those who you can locate in your local paper; the local Yellow Pages; and also online.

Competent Window cleaners can handle and resolve objections

You need an operator who can cater for your requirements; however, they also need to be a good communicator. They should know how to professionally handle any possible queries or complaints you may have, and also offer solutions for potential problems.

Beware of the novice!

Even with the best intentions; a “new;” inexperienced; or unprofessional contractor, will more often than not do a poor job of cleaning your house windows. They can cause a great amount of serious damage to your garden; your carpets; walls; and may indeed inadvertently scratch your glass. Additionally; should they not be insured, you may also be left with out of pocket expenses for any damage to your premises.

The cowboy

There is a category of person who have earned this title due to their cavalier attitude towards a client’s needs.
The reason for this dubious non de plume is that these people demonstrate their disregard for the client by the inferior quality of the work they deliver. They lack the Professional Window cleaners attitude or aptitude; nor are they committed to satisfying client’s reasonable expectations.

Their overriding motive is to make the “fast” buck. They just want to, “get in and get out,” as quick as possible; without due care or accountability.

What services do the Best Window Cleanersoffer?

Ask contractors about the scope of their experience. Check what they include in their services. For example; do they include cobwebs; fly screens, and window ledges as part of their service?

Ask what type of glass cleaning they undertake.

Do they cater for two story premises; (some will clean only ground floor windows). Do they clean shower recess glass, atrium’s, glass pool fences, mirrors and skylights etc?
Do they clean Flats, Units, Townhouses, New Homes; and light Commercial cleaning, such as offices or showrooms?


Ask your friends or acquaintances for referrals. Have they had their windows cleaned by a contractor that they were really thrilled with? Recommendations are usually one of the best methods in finding the right person for your Window cleaning needs.

Obtain several quotes

It is wise to seek out at least three separate quotes from reputable companies; or from your list of referrals; and make your choice based on the various qualities we have already outlined in this article.

Do your own research

It is true that there are some people who will fail to live up to a client’s expectations. Notwithstanding this; If you do some basic checking out of the points in this article; your chances of finding an outstanding window cleaner will be greatly enhanced.

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