The accidental window cleaner (part -1)

//The accidental window cleaner (part -1)

The accidental window cleaner (part -1)

How often have you heard a story from a friend or an acquaintance who described to you about how their career found them?
You may hear someone say that their existing job was meant to be a temporary one; and yet thirty years later, there they are; still going great guns in that same job.

Well; this article is about one such young man who, when he was 14 years old; he left school, and applied for various jobs, including the Post Office and a Shoe factory. He landed the Shoe factory job; and undertook a three year Apprenticeship. The young man remained there in that environment for a relatively long time.
You guessed it; that young man was me!

The story unfolds

Basically; I am a stick in the mud; and whilst I disliked the shoe factory; I managed to see it out there for six years. At that point however, I began to wonder what the future might hold for me.
Looking at the men and women who worked in the shoe factory; I was concerned that most of them seemed to be in a permanent rut. Was this also going to be my lot in life?

It appeared to me that this could be one of those “dead end” jobs that you hear about.
One day; Bob Johnson; ( the foreman of my section; and who obviously was impressed with my work ethic); offered me the assistant foreman’s job. I was taken aback by Bob’s generous offer; however; declined that opportunity.

Actually, I dreaded the thought of being bogged down in that line of work for the rest of life.

Enter the love of my life

At the tender age of 19 years; I met Pam; a very pretty and intelligent young lady.
After a few months; Pam brought a newspaper cutting to me; and this was about a job opening working as a salesman in a shoe store. At first I did not want to apply for the position; but then thought; what have I got to lose?
Although I did not know it then; this job was a significant turning point in my working life journey.

Moving on and upwards

It turned out that selling was my forte!
After a relatively short time; I discovered a computer read out in the office; and was very excited to learn that I was that Companies top salesperson!

Selling shoes may seem quite boring; but it was streets ahead of working in a smelly factory making them! After a few years there; I applied for; and secured a managerial position in a well known and respected footwear discount chain in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.
Again; this turned out well; however; I did not like the management style or the pay.

After around 18 months; I moved on from there to a higher end, and well respected boutique shoe store chain in the Eastern suburbs. This was a very good opportunity; and it suited me particularly well at the time. Pam and I were married by now; and we built our first home in Greensborough. The company opened up a store in Greensborough; and so accepting the role of the manager of a prestigious Shoe store was not only satisfying, but now also very convenient.

Transition may be challenging, but also rewarding

As outlined; there may be a series of events that occur in one’s life, and one has to recognize those events; and make the most of every opportunity that may present along the journey. My advice is to give of your very best at all times. If things are not going well right now; be patient; and opportunities will come your way.
As a practicing Christian; I can assure you that the bible has amazing wisdom.

There is one scripture which says; be content with what you already have.

This does not preclude you from taking advantage of changed circumstances when they arise. Notwithstanding this; knowing wise-scriptures has helped me to be patient when times were much tougher.

Part two to come

In “part two” we conclude this story where I moved forward from a factory worker to a window cleaner; and then finally on to a business owner.

End of part one – “The accidental window cleaner”
Please look out for part two of this story



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