Technique for cleaning mould off shower tiles and floor tiles.

//Technique for cleaning mould off shower tiles and floor tiles.

Technique for cleaning mould off shower tiles and floor tiles.

Mould removal can be a challenge for the householder, and for House cleaning novices.

In this short article you will learn a natural non toxic method for eliminating the dreaded mould that frequently builds up and persists in and around your home.

A penny’s worth of “know how” is like a goldmine for the savings you will make in time and stress. Ok; so here goes; the following are our instructions for the removal of that ugly looking pink or black mould which may be visible on your tile grout or other surfaces around your homes. You will discover that you can use the old fashioned GREEN Cleaning methods that Grandma used to get rid of this menace.

You will need the following:-

1. Bicarbonate of soda powder
2. Straight plain vinegar in a 500ml or one litre spray bottle; and also pour a little Citro clean into this bottle; (adds a better aroma to the mixture; and Citro clean is also a powerful cleaning agent).
3. Two or three old toothbrushes – hard ones are better.
4. A non scratchable scourer.
5. An old bath towel.
6. A scrubbing tool or brush.
7. A half a bucket of warmish water that has a few drops of detergent and a capful of methylated spirits in it.
8. Micro fibre cloths; and a couple of dry towelling cloths.


1. Leave the half a bucket of water just outside the shower door, where you can reach it comfortably so as to be able to rinse out the microfiber cloths when you need them for rinsing and wiping down the tiles. Place the old bath towel on the floor of the shower base.

2. Take the spray with the straight vinegar which has the Citro or Orange power added to that bottle; and then spray/soak the entire of the tiles a number of times, until you can see that the tiled surfaces are visibly saturated.

3. Pour the Bicarbonate of soda powder directly on top of the “dampened” non scratchable scourer; (about a tablespoonful); and then take the dampened toothbrush, dip the toothbrush into the bicarb powder; and begin to scrub the dampened grouting; and as you scrub with the toothbrush; keep on spraying with the vinegar/citro spray over the tiled area you are scrubbing. You must dip the toothbrush repeatedly into the bicarb powder; as you work your way down from top to the bottom. Re apply the powder where you need to, and keep spraying the tiles as well at the same time. What you will notice is that the vinegar and the powder will chemically react together, (it actually sizzles); and you will see the mould dissolve before your very eyes! This process really works well; and will not harm you if you breathe in as you work.

4. After you have eradicated the mould; you then simply use a clean rinsed out microfiber cloth, and wipe the tiles down from top to bottom. Rinse the cloth out a second time, and go over the tiles again from top to bottom; but on the second rinse use the towelling polishing cloth to dry off immediately after you spray each section, working your way to the base of the shower.

5. Lastly; clean the glass using a dampened soft steel wool called “Jex” and the product called “Jif;” (the white crème cleaner); and pour the jif onto the steel wool; and scrub inside of the glass with these carefully and thoroughly; and this will remove the build up of body fat and residue. DO NOT USE STEEL WOOL ON TILES!
After you have removed the build up on the inside of the glass; rinse off with a rinsed out micro fibre cloth; and then polish off with a clean towelling cloth; (not the one you just used on the tiles). You can spray and wipe the outside of the glass with a separate spray that has a capful of mentholated spirits; a few drops of detergent and plain water in it. Remove the towel from the base of the shower and wipe/clean any residual soilage that may have dropped there.

So there it is; an effective alternative to using toxic cleaners such as Domestos; Exit Mould; Spray and Wipe; or Shower Power to remove mould.
To most client’s disbelief, instead of removing the mould; these toxic products not only “cover up” the mould; they actually encourage the regrowth of new mould spores !

We sincerely hope you find this information to be useful; and we believe you will discover for yourself, just how effectve this mould removal technique really is.

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