The power of integrity for your business success

//The power of integrity for your business success

The power of integrity for your business success

What does it look like when you are running any business with the hallmark of integrity?

We have been running a Window Cleaning Service, and a Home Cleaning Service; (in good old Melbourne town); for many years now. Our base attitude has always been about integrity. We can attest to the reality that in order to be successful; you must be honest and possess principled ethics.
Building a solid business in a hugely competitive environment is difficult enough; however, studies clearly demonstrate that businesses who have scruples; are fair and decent; have a distinct edge over their competitors.

Going the extra mile

Yes; I am aware that this is a well worn cliche; however tis still true today; more than ever. For example; We had occasion to visit Bali some time ago; and were lucky enough to obtain a really good deal at the INTERCONTINENTAL Hotel. It is not an understatement to say that we were treated like royalty by all of the staff during our stay. Of course this hotel has earned a five star reputation; and rightly so! We came away from there with great memories.
Nothing was too much trouble; and the quality of the service; the food; the gardens, and accommodation was simply first class. Personally; this more than positive experience was an inspiration for our small business to strive to do an even better job for our clients.

What does it cost a business to possess integrity?

This may be the wrong question to ask. If we cannot maintain our business ethics and quality standards; then we need to ask ourselves; what is it going to “cost” me for letting sound principles slip?
Your Reputation is like the sign a retailer hangs over their shop front. Flirting with sloppy attitudes towards customers complaints or concerns is a slippery slops towards losing your hard earned reputation.

Separating the men from the boys

The cold hard fact is that it is always the clients prerogative to vote you in or out. It takes a bigger person to admit, and acknowledge to a client, that you were wrong; and you will do everything in your power to fix it.
An unsatisfactory experience due to a misunderstanding; a genuine error; or an outright unpleasant or poor job, is rectifiable. In most cases; you, or your staff have an opportunity to turn a disgruntled client, into an advocate for your business. Remedying a mistake, might cost you time, money, and effort; however; this short term pain will translate into long term gain.

The harder I work; the luckier I get

This is my favourite adage. If you and I are prepared to work hard at creating a lasting impressing in all clients that you value them; and that your company has the utmost integrity; this will hold you in good stead for your future prosperity. In conclusion; here is  another of my chestnuts ; “we cannot go wrong doing the right thing!”

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