How to Kill Dust Mites in Non-Washable Items

//How to Kill Dust Mites in Non-Washable Items

How to Kill Dust Mites in Non-Washable Items

Dust mites in the house can result in a range of medical conditions.  These tiny arachnids are cousins to spiders and can be the source of allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, coughing, facial pressure and pain, sneezing, runny nose and itchy, red or watery eyes.  It is also quite alarming to think that you could be sharing a bed with more than a million dust mites if you haven’t cleaned the mattress in a while.

One of the best ways to kill dust mites is by washing items inside your home like your linen and carpets regularly.  Regular washing kills and removes the dust mites and keeps infestations at bay so those with dust mite allergies and people, in general, can enjoy optimised health.

But not everything in your home can be washed.  There are some surfaces and items inside the home where dust mites can easily hide that isn’t washable.  Delicate artworks like tapestries and beds are a few examples of items that are not washable yet can harbor thousands or even millions of dust mites.  Luckily there is a way to kill dust mites on these surfaces that are often so tough to get clean.

How to tell if you have dust mites

Dust mites are incredibly small.  They live off dead skin cells and thrive in warm and damp environments like your mattress.  These tiny creatures would be harmless if it wasn’t for a protein found in their bodies that cause irritations and inflammations in nasal passages and sinuses.  Allergy symptoms are usually the first sign of a dust mite infestation.  But if you want to get really technical and see actual proof of dust mites then you will need to buy a microscope with at least 10x magnification because these tiny creatures are less than 300 microns long.  You can collect a dust sample from somewhere in the house and use the microscope to see if you can spot any of these tiny creatures within the dust sample.  The best place to collect a dust sample is areas where dead skin cells are likely to be found such as inside upholstery, a bed or on the living room carpet.

3 Ways to kill dust mites in non-washable items

Once you have identified a dust mite problem, it is time to get to work.  You can exterminate most dust mites by simply washing your linen, carpets, and upholstery.  For non-washable items, you can give these three methods a try.

Use Dust mite spray – Buy a dust mite spray and remove all washable items from the item like the mattress that cannot be washed.  Hold the dust mite spray about 20cm from the area and spray in a sweeping motion for about 30 seconds per square meter.  You can then leave the spray on for two hours and vacuum the surface of the mattress or other non-washable items.  The spray will kill off the dust mites and the vacuum will remove the dead mites and allergens.  Repeat this step once a month.

Sun exposure – Another effective way to kill dust mites is by leaving your non-washable item in the sun.  The sun will dry out the surface and draw all moisture from the item which will kill the dust mites.  Grab a vacuum cleaner and give your non-washable item a good vacuum to remove allergens.

Get the right mattress protectors – Dust mites cannot get through tightly woven mattress protectors. You can reduce the number of the infestation by using a good quality mattress protector and by giving the mattress protector a regular wash.

With regular cleaning, you can keep your home dust mite free and those with allergies will enjoy fewer allergy symptoms and better health in general. If you are unable to do it yourself and need a professional help in cleaning your home call AAA House Cleaning.

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