Is Green Cleaning Here To Stay?

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Is Green Cleaning Here To Stay

    Today; many more of us are asking; what is all of this fuss and controversy around Green cleaning; and why it is important to begin utilising green cleaning in our daily schedule? like many concerned and responsible citizens; we at AAA Supershine are convinced that there are many risk factors which are compromising our quality of life. No one is bullet proof; and many credible scientific studies support the assertion that exposure to toxic chemicals, are at the root of many auto immune diseases and other various disabling health problems. For this reason, we are determined to play a role in reducing exposure to these pernicious toxins. We have a policy of recommending the use of Environmentally Friendly cleaning products to our cleaners and clients alike.

    House Cleaners need to be properly informed and educated about the potential negative effects of the cleaning products they are using in client’s homes. Once cleaners are armed with adequate knowledge about alternatives to harmful products; they will learn how easy it is to substitute chemical cleaners with low toxic or natural cleaners that our great grandparents used many years ago.

    Domestic cleaning Agencies/Companies can no longer sit idly by; and dismiss or ignore the deleterious side effects of so called harmless chemical cleaning products. It is incumbant upon all involved in the Cleaning industry, to alert the consumer that many products sold in the local Supermarket are toxic. Exposure to the residues of everyday cleaning products found in most homes, may be triggering severe allergic reactions; unpleasant skin conditions, and even asthmatic attacks in family members.

    It now appears that Green cleaning has finally entered the consciousness of the general public; and this is a good thing.We all need to work together to reduce the level of dangerous chemicals in our homes. As a leading House cleaning Service provider in Melbourne; we are happy to say that we are playing a small part in protecting you; your family; and our environment from chemical pollution.