Has HOUSEWORK become unfashionable?

//Has HOUSEWORK become unfashionable?

Has HOUSEWORK become unfashionable?

Are we all becoming slaves to the latest designs and whims of the FASHION POLICE?

How pervasive does the influence of current modes go? The reality is that we are not as independent from pressures from the media and our peer group as we might have thought.
Our title here is referring to HOUSE WORK; but there are many other “fashion” issues that may effect our decision making process.

The Pokemon craze

A little while ago; the fad was Pokemon; and everyone was right into it! That fad lasted about 6 months; however; (like all fads do); it’s fizzled out.
The Truth is; many us can become caught up and captivated by the latest fad/and or TREND; even myself! A little whiule ago; I noticed that as I was getting dressed ; I was beginning to notice that a few of my polotop shirts were looking a little less fashionable than last year. Although I have many polo tops to choose from; I have begun to reject those tops that are no longer quite as “trendy.”

What factors would cause HOUSE CLEANING to become unfashionable?

There are sevaral factors that; over time; have influenced the home owners of today to view Domestic House Cleaning quite differently than previous generations did.

a) HOME CLEANING can be incredibly strenuous work; and many people simply do not enjoy all the scrubbing; polishing; vacumming, and dusting that is required to maintain the cleanliness of their own residences.
b) Many more families have two incomes; and therefore have more disposable income so as to be in a position to afford HOME CLEANING SERVICES.
c) It is not too long after setting up the family HOME; that the new home owner notices that their friends and family have engaged a House Cleaner; and so this is where the peer pressure kicks in.
d) There is now much more advertising going on with the likes of JIMS CLEANING and other larger CLEANING COMPANIES promoting themselves on TV; radio; and of course the WEB.
e) One of the main drivers that motivates families to arrange a regular CLEANING SERVICE; is the reality that there are just not enough hours in the day to take care of their surroundings as they would like.

So is it that it is actually more fashionable to employ a cleaner?

There is a certain feeling of satisfaction and cudos, when we can tell our friends about our HOME CLEANER.
To some extent; it is a little like repudiating the olden days where our parents would never have dreamed of; nor could have afforded someone helping them around their house.
In the final analysis; no matter what the reason may be for hiring a CLEANER; it can be said that it is now more unfashionable not to have a helper undertaking those regular chores for you and your family.

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