House Cleaning Services: The good; the bad, and the ugly.

//House Cleaning Services: The good; the bad, and the ugly.

House Cleaning Services: The good; the bad, and the ugly.

Explosion in demand for House Cleaning Services

Over the last few decades; there has been an unprecedented call from home owners who are enquiring about all kinds of services to take the pressure of their common household chores.

Is this demand good for the end consumer?

Yes, and no.
As a result of the growth in demand for Home Helpers; there has been a corresponding, and exponential growth in Companies providing these services. As the title of this article Implies; there are many very good HOME CLEANING SERVICES out there who are doing the right thing by their clients.
On the other hand; there are some bad service providers; who have a casual attitude to clients needs.
Then there are the ugly ones. These people do not care about the quality of their service; nor do they care about the kind of people they engage; and they tell outright lies to clients.
Clients are often apprehensive about having to allow someone they do not know work in their House when they are at work; and rightly so.
Whilst it goes without saying that most clients want outstanding, and even exceptional service, (and the best possible House Cleaners); most are also realistic as well; and they will settle for “good” cleaners. They will want to avoid the other two categories like the plague.

Good cleaners come in a variety of guises.

We may be surprised at the level of competency from Home Cleaners who come from different backgrounds. Stereotyping is unfair; however; Clients do need that reassurance from cleaning Companies that they care enough about their Clients needs; and will do their due diligence in their selection criteria; such as:-

1. Cleaners have adequate training and knowledge.
2. All personnel have security checks.
3. They must have a good understanding of English and comprehension.
4. They must demonstrate a level of employment stability and competence; preferably with referees.
5. They must enjoy cleaning; and are excellent communicators.
6. They must show initiative and take consistent pride in their work
7. They must have a solid work ethic; are trustworthy, and reliable.

As this list illustrates; the good cleaner must tick a lot of boxes.

The average; the careless, and/or clueless cleaner will
tick very few of the necessary boxes; and will not stand up to the rigours and demands that are required in the Home Cleaning industry of today.
The discerning Domestic Cleaning client will be attracted to the excellent; or at the least; the good House Cleaner; and will immediately detect and reject the inferior; the bad, and the ugly ones.

Good news travels fast

We know from experience, that when our clients inform us about how thrilled they are with their new cleaner; it is not too long before we receive a call from one or more of their friends to enquire about that particular Domestic Cleaner. When Companies engage the BEST possible Home Cleaners; everyone is happy. The CLEANERS; the CLIENTS; and the Business owners all benefit when Excellent or Good cleaners come on board.

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