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House Cleaning

House Cleaning services in Melbourne

What are your expectations from a House Cleaning service?

Imagine how good the feeling when you come home from the hustle and bustle of the day, and walk into your home which has just been beautifully cleaned in accordance to your specific requirements.

Desirable attributes of the ideal House Cleaner

  • Completely trustworthy, honest, and ethical.
  • Punctual, reliable and professional.
  • Mature, respectful, and responsible.
  • Someone who will pay attention to the smallest detail.
  • Knowledgeable of Green cleaning techniques.

If these boxes are ticked; you will always be thrilled when you see the great work one of our team have done for you. When you come home; your house should look great, smell great, but also be spic and span in accordance to your requirements.

    Has this been your experience?

    We have learnt from many years in this business, that some clients have been disappointed over broken promises made by so called professional cleaning Companies.

    Our intention is to change the perception about Domestic cleaning Services; in Melbourne, and will do our level best to provide you with a better than average service. Many clients have a reasonable expectation of a much higher standard than they have previously experienced. When our Home cleaners come to your premises, our policy is that they must carefully write down all of the details of your particular requirements on our “client requirement document.” We know that descerning client’s are seeking cleaners who are efficient; and will use their initiative. You do not want inexperienced personnel; therefore it is up to us to do our due diligence, ensuring you end up with that ideal cleaner.

    We do not engage Skimmers and slowpokes

    Unfortunately, there are many cleaners who are commonly known in this business as “skimmers.” These cleaners appear to get a lot done; but they leave a trail of smears; smugdes; dusty surfaces; cobwebs; and they also neglect to lift up rugs and seat covers, or empty waste bins; etc; etc. On the other hand; there are those well meaning and even very nice cleaners who try their best; yet are far too slow; and who simply just do not cut the mustard. They may be thorough; however; because they do not work fast or smart; they may end up costing you more than what is fair. Neither of those options will work for you.

    Your House cleaner must be a good communicator

    The ideal helper is the one who communicates effectively from the outset; and who continues to do so as time goes on. For example; we instruct the cleaner assigned to your home, that they need to be upfront with you. If on the very first cleaning shift at your home, they believe more time is required; you will be given the heads up about how much longer the cleaning will take to complete the job to our usual high standard. This is good for you; because any cleaner worth their salt, will be very clear and honest with you, and they will always keep you in the loop.

    Written details of your needs

    Knowing exactly where you stand in terms of what your exoectations are; and what can be achieved in the allocated time, is most important issue for clients. We train our cleaners to allow for many situations; because every home is different. Something as basic as writing down all of your requirements on our official document is absolutely essential to meeting your needs. There may be a need for quickly assessing a clients individual issues; and then having established the criteria; they are in a position to provide you with a solution for those issues.

    Trouble shooters

    We are meant to be the cleaning experts; and should you have a particular problem in the cleaning of a surface in your home; we should know how to help solve that cleaning issue for you. Our cleaners are informed never to use a product they are not familiar with. If they should have a problem they cannot solve; they will bring this to your attention immediately. In those circumstances, we advise our team to call us for further guidance and advice.

    Old fashioned service

    Our policy may appear to some to be somewhat outdated. This is the old fashioned notion which simply states that the Client is always right! You are entitled to not only tell us exactly what it is that you expect from our Cleaning Services; but we should ensure that your cleaner fulfils your requests to the letter. Anything less than 100% customer satisfaction boils down to the client being shortchanged. Such a situation is not only unacceptable to you; it is obvious that an unsatisfied client will tarnish the excellent reputation of our company.

    Quality translates into real Value

    Our belief is that you, and/or your families cleaning requirements should be our number one priority; and It is up to us to deliver the quality Residential cleaning services you deserve. We are aware that you want and expect real value for your hard earned dollar, especially in these difficult financial times.

    Please call Sep on 03 9435 1475 for further information and/or free advice – no obligation.

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