Home Cleaning Services – The evolving story

//Home Cleaning Services – The evolving story

Home Cleaning Services – The evolving story

Reflections about household cleaning habits

If one should take a peek into the average Household in Melbourne; it might be somewhat of an eye opener. We are told by our statisticians that the average Aussie families typically have 1.6 children. Few would think that a family unit of one or two kids would be unmanageable. Comparing the larger families we used to have many decades ago; much has changed, and these changes have completely reconfigured and transformed family life as we know it today.

Keeping up with the Joneses?

Surveys indicate that families are experiencing much more stress than ever before. There are many reasons for this stress; and no one factor can be identified as the main culprit. Some pundits point the finger squarely at the underlying motivation in our Western culture to get ahead of the pack.

There has been a scramble to accumulate more and more material possession; and this preoccupation for acquiring “things;”is well known to place a greater strain on relationships. There are many other time pressures on the working family of today; and this has contributed to a lack of attention to maintenance issues within the home.

Division of labour in the home

There has been a great deal of attention over the matter of who should be responsible for the many and varied daily tasks that need to be undertaken in our homes.
These daily Household chores are pretty obvious; such as Housekeeping; House cleaning; washing; dishes; cooking; repairs; garden maintenance; odd jobs; school runs; children’s after school sporting activities; to name just a few. Something had to change to help families cope – and it did.

Women’s Lib changed expectations

After what is known as the emancipation of the female gender that occurred through the seventies; eighties and nineties; expectations have indeed changed. The sensitive new age male began to take on more of a sharing role with their female partners. They realised that their partners needed “help” with the children; and the household chores. Notwithstanding this transition; there has been a great deal of ongoing frustration within families. Men and women have had to adjust to the new paradigm shift over the next few decades.

Social conscience kicked in

Over the last twenty years or so; the media has played a significant role in highlighting changing attitudes about the roles of parents within the family. There have been many books published about these issues. With the advent of two incomes; and both partners working outside of the family home; the tyranny of time was becoming a real issue that needed addressing. Today; It is no longer an expectation that females should shoulder all of the responsibility within the home.

The advent of household help

Like many others, my wife Pam noted this dynamic change in family life through the mid to late seventies; because it was occurring in our own family! In 1980, Pam opened up one of the first Domestic cleaning Agencies in Melbourne; and she called it “Pam’s Home Help. It turned out to be an excellent decision, because this strong trend was gathering momentum. Families; (especially women); were struggling to juggle all of the Home cleaning and other daily chores; and the other tedious household responsibilities.

The explosion in Home Cleaning Services

There has been a massive increase in the number of House cleaning companies; who these days, are offering and providing all manner of services to a needy clientele. Much of this expansion has occurred since the seventies.

Additional services such as Ironing services; Laundry services; Odd job handyman services; Gardening services; and scores of other convenient consumer services, are now commonplace, and freely available to all who can afford them.

Relief from the mundane

As a direct result of the proliferation of Home cleaning and other services; customers can access most of these services within their own neighbourhood. I think it can now be said that these Household services have played an important role in helping to relieve the ever present stress in modern homes. Companies are now stepping in and getting these jobs done that their client’s simply cannot find the time nor the inclination to do.

The issues that matter to us all

Most of us desire the very best outcomes for our spouses and our children. Good health; good education; good employment opportunities; and above all harmonious relationships are at the top of “wanted” list. Household services cannot “fix” relationships, but where appropriate; these services have alleviated some of the stress within the family dynamic.

The road ahead

The expansion of the many Home Services has been a necessary development. This phenomenon is an evolving story. Many familiesa are delighted that there is now readily available respite to help relieve the demands on their precious time. It is likely that in the future, there will be even more of these services available for the busy family. There does not appear to be an abating of the trends we have observed since it began accelerating in the eighties and nineties. Is it time for you to consider using these services for your own family?

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