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Thank you for visiting our website and this page for answers to common questions that our client’s have about Household cleaning.

The management here at AAA Supershine Home Services try very hard to provide as much information as is possible when clients make their initial contact with us. It may be that you are simply too busy to think about every contingency relating to engaging a House Cleaner; and then you may be left to figure out some issues for yourself.
We trust that the following questions and answers will fill in any gaps.

All of our Home Cleaning and Window Cleaning team are deemed to be contractors; however; they are fully accountable to our agency.

We ensure that every House Cleaner and Window Cleaner has been Police checked; and they must also produce this document as well as character references upon client’s request.

Our regular “general” cleaning rates are based on $30 per hour.
There is a minimum number of 2 hours for a weekly clean; and a minimum of 2.5 hours for a Fortnightly clean.

For “general” Regular Weekly or Fortnightly cleaning; we charge $30 per hour per person. Spring cleaning is at the rate of $40 per hour per person, and there is a minimum of 3 hours per visit. Vacate cleaning and Move in cleaning is at the rate of $45 per hour per person; and there is a minimum of 4 hours per visit.
Please note – Builders cleaning and Window cleaning Services are established by quotation only.

When we say general cleaning; we mean non Spring cleaning items such as floors; (vacuuming and mopping); bathrooms; laundry; kitchen; (including Cook tops; microwave ovens; front of ovens; wiping marks of cupboards and fridge doors); cobwebs; window sills; emptying waste baskets; bench tops; toilets; en suites; etc.

Spring Cleaning may entail the following items:-
Detailed fridge cleaning; in depth removal of mould from wall and floor tiles; Ovens; range hood and their filters or other items undertaken by mutual agreement. Vacate and Move In Cleaning are similar to Spring Cleaning; however; may also include wall washing; internal cleaning of cupboard, drawers, and wardrobes.
Window cleaning and Steam Cleaning of Carpets are usually based on separate quotes.

There is no set time because houses vary in size and style;. I.E. One  to six bedrooms; one to six bathrooms and en suites; and some are two stories.

Yes; because our Home Cleaners work by the hour; you may choose the minimum. You may also wish to negotiate with the Cleaner as to how many hours both of you believe the list of chores you provide to them will take to complete.

We engage both females and males; and yes, you can ask for specific cleaners that you believe will suit your specific requirements.

Yes; we have many husband and wife teams.

If we send you a team of two House Cleaners; they will complete the cleaning in half the time than that of a single cleaner. For example; if the agreed number of hours is three; the couple would clean for 1.5 hours each.

Yes; and we arrange a separate interview at your home with your potential Home Cleaner; and you have the option to accept this Cleaner or not. If you are happy proceed to set up an actual cleaning appointment with that person, you will need to show them where to locate the vacuum cleaner; and special cleaning supplies you would prefer to them to use; and also confirm your Cleaning requirements in writing.

Initially; For security concerns, It is prudent to hide a key in order that only you and the Cleaners will know where to find it. After a couple of visits; (when you know that you will be happy with the service); we recommend that you arrange a dedicated key to give to the cleaner. It is a good idea to attach a label to the key that has your first name and your mobile written on it.

The cleaners use their cleaning supplies; however; they use your vacuum cleaner and mop and bucket. If you prefer that they use some, or all of your cleaning supplies; that is perfectly fine; however, there is no change to the regular cleaning rate.

At this time the Domestic Cleaners themselves are paid either by cheque; cash, or via direct debit.
We are currently investigating installing credit card facilities.

You pay the cleaners upon completion of the work.

We recommend that you notify the cleaner and ourselves if you have paid for the service and you have any issues.
We will do our very best to resolve complaints to your satisfaction.

You should notify the cleaner as to when you need to suspend the cleaner; and this may also be necessary if you need time out for an unexpected illness.

Yes; if a client needs a continous service; we offer a fill in cleaner.

We have a $10 million dollars public liability insurance policy; and if your Home cleaner has damaged your possessions or property; you simply call us; provide the details of your claim; and we then refer this claim to the representative of the Insurance Company who will come to your premises and make an assessment.
if the claim is less than the $500 excess threshold; we will negotiate a settlement with you. You are required to obtain at least two separate quotes from reputable companies to repair or replace the damaged item.

Our Cleaning Contractors provide indemnity to you for any personal injury they may sustain whilst working at your premises. To reassure you; in the 35 years that we have been operating our House Cleaning Service in Melbourne; we have never had a claim for injury to any of our Domestic House Cleaners or Window cleaners.

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We sincerely hope that this FAQ page has provided you with valuable information as you consider what Cleaning Company will best suit your needs.
Thanks again for dropping by; and hope to hear from you