Could the dust in your HOME be toxic?

//Could the dust in your HOME be toxic?

Could the dust in your HOME be toxic?

Many of us believe that if our home is clean; then our health should be great.

As a general principle we know that that regular in depth HOUSE CLEANING is a good and wise thing to do.
Cleaning of common Household surfaces such as kitchen bench tops; sinks; hard floors; carpets; and vanities will mean our families are protected from exposure to germs; bugs; viruses, and creepy crawlies right?
The short answer is yes. The long answer is; whilst cleanliness is preferable to living in unsanitary conditions; did it ever occur to you that the very dust you are inhaling with every breath you take maybe toxic?

Be alert; but not alarmed

The following is a portion of an article that can be found at “Nine Coach;” and is entitled; “The dust in your house is loaded with toxic chemicals.”

It collects on top of your bookshelves, behind your TV and underneath the couch, but household dust could pose more worrying concerns than simply making your house look dirty.

New research from the National Resources Defence Council (NRDC) has found that the one place where we spend most of our time – inside our houses – is actually the place where you’re most likely to run into harmful chemicals.

The study revealed that the floor in US homes is like “a parking lot for chemicals” that come off household items like televisions, furniture, beauty products and fragrance products.

It’s a worrying finding for parents of small children who spend most of their time on the floor amongst the dust, as some chemicals in the dust could contribute to health problems like infertility and hormone imbalances.

For Professor Ami Zota, who wrote the study, this is the first research of its kind to conclusively analyse just what’s hiding in our dust.

“Most studies only measure a few chemicals so it makes it hard to understand typical exposures in homes and work places,” Zota told CBS News.

Do your own research

If you have ticked the following boxes; and still have health issues could it be the dust in your home?
Eliminate the following as potential causes of your maladies.

1. You are health conscious, and eat nutritious food.
2. You regularly clean and tidy your HOME environs.
3. You avoid harsh Cleaning Chemicals.
4. You ensure there is no mould or mildew building up in wet areas.
5. Do you keep fit with regular exercise?
6. Do you have happy; healthy and stable relationships?

Eliminating dust from your surroundings?

if you conclude that it is dust that could be the source of your health problems; try to eliminate or reduce the dust around your HOME.
For example; make sure you regularly dust down all surfaces; however it is vital that you use; (what experienced Home Cleaners call); the damp cloth method. Spray a clean microfibre cloth with water; to the point where it is only slightly damp; and wipe over all items throughout the home. You will need to spray again if and when the cloth dries out too much.
Wet mopping your floors is necessary as opposed to dry mopping.
Consider purchasing a more powerful vacuum cleaner with a turbo head; and vacuum; (especially the carpets): at least twice a week. This is even more important if you have pets dragging in dust and dirt from the back yard.
It has been established scientifically, that indoor leafy plants can reduce the toxins floating around by as much as 60%! Why not invest in several of them; and dot them around the main living areas?
Finally; there are ionisers that help to reduce toxins in the air; and will make the air in your HOUSE environment much healthier to breathe. The bedrooms are a good place to keep them; especially for anyone who has an asthma or allergy condition.

Common sense approach

There are a host of theories about health issues; and dust may or may not be your problem. Heading off to your GP when you have a sniffle may be overkill; and/or unnecessary.
Worrying too much about dust may be overkill as well. Just be sensible and balanced; and be sure to be thorough when you or your DOMESTIC HOUSE CLEANER cleans your home. Again; rule out the various “possible” reasons for ill health; (including DUST); one by one; and you may well be surprised to discover the actual source of you or your family members health problems.

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