Domestic Cleaning Client’s; and why their feedback is vital

//Domestic Cleaning Client’s; and why their feedback is vital

Domestic Cleaning Client’s; and why their feedback is vital

Why do big corporations undertake regular surveys?

The answer to this important question is self evident.
Large sums of hard cash are spent each financial year by large corporations to determine what their customers think about their product or service.
This expenditure is built in to the operating costs of the most successful Companies in the world.

Why is this information significant to small business?

The HOME CLEANING SERVICES small business sector like to believe that in relation to servicing their clients; they generally get it right.
Whilst this belief may be true; how can small business be 100% sure about their performance?
Unless there is a preparedness to ask the right questions; your business may suffer the consequences of ignorance.

It’s what you fail to find out from clients that will impact your bottom line.

Sure; you may know how many new clients have come on board; and how many clients have cancelled your services in any given month; however, is that all there is to those statistics?
Upon checking the many and varied reasons that clients may give you for stopping their DOMESTIC CLEANER; very few will tell you the real reasons for the cancellation.

What you do not know will hurt you

The reality is that ignorance is definitely not bliss; and there is no excuse for sloppy and inadequate record keeping in a competitive business environment.
Human nature being what it is; it turns out that very few of us like to be seen to be complainers. Notwithstanding the tendency for many clients to withhold the real reasons for dismissing their HOME CLEANER; it behooves the savvy Cleaning Company to try to dig a little deeper.

Surveys and feedback help you to improve your service protocols.

Why not take a leaf out of the big boys book?
If they can spend millions of dollars in extensive research into their customers satisfaction quotient; then with a little extra effort surely you can gently investigate your clients level of satisfaction as well?
Compile a list of pointed feedback questions that will more easily give you the heads up about the clients experience with your Company.
Their answers may shock you; and even disappoint you; but they may also provide you with a timely reality check as to where you can make essential changes in your modus operandi.
The old saying; ” a stitch in time saves nine;” is relevent and vital in maintaining a vibrant business model.

They say; the truth hurts; but then the rebuttal to that is; there is no gain without pain.

A wise man once said; “knowledge is power.” Seize the day; don’t waste any more time; do your due diligence! Research; survey; ask the right questions; and then analyse the results. Armed with the correct information about how your existing clients view your Companies policies and practices will empower you to make those necessary changes.

In conclusion; you have two choices. Do nothing; and wonder if your House Cleaning clients are happy ones; or find out the truth; and achieve better outcomes for you; your DOMESTIC CLEANERS; and more importantly for your clients.
Remember; happy and satisfied client are the best advertisement for a healthy and prosperous HOME CLEANING business.

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