Do you really need that House cleaner?

//Do you really need that House cleaner?

Do you really need that House cleaner?

When we were growing up in the fifties; it never entered our minds that there was a class of people in the community that could afford household help. I was adopted into a working class family; and we lived in the Northern suburb of Reservoir; which was; (at the time); deemed to be an outer Melbourne suburb. Today; Reservoir has changed dramatically, although it is still essentially a working class precinct. Like many suburbs other in the Melbourne Metropolitan area; Reservoir has gradually become more affluent over time.

Families are better off now

The reality is that there are current concerns about the economy; especially after the recent budget handed down by the Government. Notwithstanding this; many families are still financially better off than their counterparts in the Fifties and Sixties.

As incomes have risen over the last thirty and forty years; the dynamics in the family and in individuals have changed dramatically. Disposable income has increased to the point where many more Australians can afford to travel overseas on a regular basis. Per Capita; it is well known that Australians have the fastest take up of technological devices out of all of OECD countries.

Two income families have dramatically increased

Another aspect of the Fifties and Sixties was that in those days, most families knew what their parents roles were. Dad was essentially the breadwinner; and if the family was lucky; maybe mum would work part time. In the Seventies and Eighties; Baby Boomers; (post WW2 children); were raising their families; and wanted a better life than what they had experienced in their childhood.

Most were willing to make sacrifices for the sake of family; and so there was a sharp rise in two income families. At the same time; the Australian economy transcended from a farming and manufacturing economy; to that of a mining based one. That combined with the extra income from the two incomes; meant lifestyles were inexorably changed.

Family pressures have increased.

As with every sociological change; there were also more challenges. The two income families began to feel the pressure of less time for family activities.. With both mum and dad out working every day; it was mum who was still expected to carry most of the workload. This included the cooking; children’s activities; shopping; laundry; and the most dreaded of all tasks; House Cleaning

Domestic House Cleaning Services are now a fact of life

We may wonder how our grandparents managed without the assistance of a House cleaner.In the “olden” days; Grandma had the unenviable tasks of doing all manner of chores that today many might well consider was slave labour! What an amazing transformation has taken place in the last twenty or so years. Some may say that we have the wrong priorities; and that we are far too materialistic. However; that said; it is difficult to entertain the prospect of society turning back the clock.

Busy families now need that extra help with their household cleaning chores which are now provided for them by local Domestic cleaners. Happily, these Services are provided by the many Cleaning Companies that have also been increasing as the demand for these services have exploded.

Are we lazier; or just simply too busy?

We used to think that only wealthy people could afford outside help such as House Keepers, or House maids. The community attitude has changed markedly over the years; and today, engaging Home Cleaners is considered quite normal and indeed necessary.

Most families who have two incomes, work extremely hard; and they do need help so as they can enjoy their down time. The use of Cleaning Companies is no longer deemed to be laziness by the vast majority of families In fact the House cleaning Industry has been growing faster than many other sections of our society. The reason for this unprecedented growth is now obvious, as the family dynamic has altered.

New attitudes to help around the home

We no longer ask the question; why do we need a house cleaner. House Cleaning Services and Window Cleaning Services; etc; etc; are now available in most suburbs in Melbourne. The new question that neighbours, friends, business associates and family are asking is this. Do you know a reliable; trustworthy, and quality Home Cleaner?

Companies need to meet the new demands of clients 

The 21st Century has seen a massive change in cultural values; and in the West, this has been as a direct result of affluence. For better or worse, Household services are now well established in the mind of the average Western family as being utterly necessary. It is now up to those providing these services to satisfy the wants and demands of today’s informed clientele.  The question is; will they  meet and satisfy the changing needs of the client of today?


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