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    House Cleaning Contractors information

    The following is Information for the Contractor who wishes to work for AAA Supershine Home Services. We believe it is necessary to inform you about what we require of you, before you will be eligible to join our team of Professional Domestic cleaners.

    Who we are

    Our business which is called AAA Supershine Home Services has been providing House Cleaning Services for busy people, in the Melbourne Metropolitan region for over 30 years now, and we are extremely particular and sensitive about the selection of House cleaning Contractors who are engaged to service our valued clients.

    We are very proud of our history, and we have worked hard to develop a quality team of Professional cleaners, and our intention is to continue to attract only the very best people; providing training and education for them, in order to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards that our clients should expect from a Professional Cleaning Company.

    Experience is the best teacher

    If you are really serious about joining our House cleaning team; you will need to be a competant, experienced and accomplished cleaner. You may improve, and hone up your level of experience, by extensively cleaning your own home, however, employing only the methods we recommend in our notes.

    Developing your skills

    We believe as a barest minimum, it is also necessary for you to clean several different houses, (from top to bottom – again using our methods). This cleaning work you do, may be for perhaps people/acquaintances that you know, or even a relative. The important thing is to practice cleaning using the correct method. When you have cleaned these homes; (in addition to your own home); the owners would need to be thrilled with the quality of the cleaning you have done for them; and if this is so; they would be will willing to write a positive referencefor you.

    Green cleaning supplies

    You will be provided with the SUPERSHINE “cleaning recommendations.” You will also see that the cleaning style that we advocate, is “Green cleaning;” (or Environmentally friendly cleaning).
    The correct cleaning supplies; and the correct implementation of those supplies is vital for outstanding cleaning

    Micro fibre cloths

    Micro fibre cloths are very important for green cleaning processes; (please read page 2 of the notes); and you can obtain an inexpensive pack of six good quality colour coded ones from “Godfreys,” the Vacuum cleaner retailer. (Godfreys are in most major Shopping Centres).

    Quality references

    Character, and/or work references must be provided on your behalf; and are essential for assessing your suitability and eligibility for the role of a Home cleaner in our team.You will need at least two “written” references, and these references must be totally honest and genuine ones.

    Beware of Commercial cleaning

    Be aware that “Commercial quality” cleaning experience, is not the quality standard that we are seeking from our Professional House cleaning services team; and to be honest, we know that if you have had Commercial cleaning experience; your level of cleaning expertise will be inferior than what we require and expect for our specialist Home cleaning services team.

    Other Domestic Cleaning Companies

    Even if you have previously worked in the capacity of a House cleaner for a Domestic cleaning Company; please understand that this experience does not necessarily qualify you, nor guarantee that the standard of your cleaning ability, is at a high enough level that our clients would demand.

    There are some Domestic Cleaning services in Melbourne, who do not insist that their Cleaning Contractors learn and maintain best practice cleaning; or even demand that they re train in order to establish superior cleaning habits.

    Our Household cleaners offer our client’s the highest quality Professional Cleaning Service. A consistent high quality standard, is the only standard that will satisfy the demands which relate specifically to the Residential cleaning environment.

    The best cleaners welcome

    Our Home Cleaning Agency is happy to engage all cleaners, regardless of gender; provided you believe yourself to be an above average cleaner, are motivated; are properly screened, and have obtained a current Police clearance, and relevant references.
    You must have demonstrated to us that you have a high skill level in the area of Home Cleaning; are adaptable; and are also suited as a result of your previous experience relating to this kind of work.

    Communication skills

    Every successful candidate in our team, possesses excellent communication skills. This means you must have a sound command and comprehension of the English language; you must be approachable; flexible in your nature; polite and have the ability to listen to, and understand what the clients cleaning requirements are. You should be aware that if you cannot conmmunicate well, you will be severley handicapped in undertaking the requirements and challenges of this kind of work. Please note that we are seeking people who will work in our Company long term. (a minumum of 18 months).


    You must always look professional; (we have a polo top uniform that you must keep clean and wear to work); and also, at all times, you should conduct yourself as a professional when you are dealing with problems, or difficult situations. One simple example is this; when you organise your client list; you must have carefully arranged your schedule so that you will always on time.

    If there is an emergency, you should immediately notify the client to inform them of the details as to why you were unable to make good the original scheduled appointment with them, and then offer them alternative arrangements.

    The best House cleaners are always professional in the manner in which they interact with the clients, and with our Agency. This will be evident from the first time you make the inital contact with our client’s; (first impressions last the longest); to how well organised you are in the way you undertake the cleaning; (how efficient; smart, and knowledgable you are); and how diligent and willing you are to solve the clients needs for their cleaning requirements.

    Eye for detail

    When clients give us feedback like this; “Our cleaner is wonderful;” this will be because your Domestic cleaning work will have consistently reflected excellence, and your client will have noticed that you possess an excellent eye for the small detail! An eye for detail means of course that you do not miss dirty marks, dust on surfaces, dog hair or human hair on carpets, rugs or floors in general; smudges, smears etc; because you always check your work thoroughly; and treat the client’s home like it were your own.

    Lots of work for great cleaners

    First class cleaners are never satisfied with average or below average Home cleaning, and are always keen to please the client, yes; even when the client is not looking. They always do the right thing; the right time; (work for the number of hours they were booked for); they are always honest with their dealings with their client’s; and are always ethical and hard working. Top cleaners are keen and motivated, and always have plenty of work, and they also receive lots of recommendations from friends of the clients they currently work for.

    Please remember that you must have obtained a current hard copy of a Police check which is a prerequsite before eligibility to join our Company can be confirmed.

    Please call Sep on 03 9435 1475 if you would love to become a valued contractor with the AAA team