Common sense Home Cleaning is needed

//Common sense Home Cleaning is needed

Common sense Home Cleaning is needed

Is common sense lacking in the Home Cleaning Services genre?

You often hear this throw away line quoted; “common sense is not very common these days.” Let’s play devils advocate for a moment; and try to discover if there is any validity to this assertion by many frustrated clients.
When we examine the evidence from aggrieved clients; we have to conclude there are many problems associated with HOUSE CLEANERS; and the various CLEANING Companies they represent.

What are the fundamental criteria that create a sense in the clients mind that common CLEANING sensibility is lacking?

The following list cover the six of the most important issues that fits this description.

1. Lack of enthusiasm and attention to detail. A competent; efficient and thoughtful HOME CLEANER is motivated; meticulous, and diligent in sweating the small stuff!
2. The second greatest threat to great cleaning is un reliability. An unreliable CLEANER is a liability.
3. The third is inexperience. Lack of adequate knowledge and training is a recipe for failure.
4. The fourth is personal problems interfering with a CLEANERS ability to deliver common sense cleaning. Total concentration on the job is a prerequisite that ensures a consistently good job.
5. The fifth is complacency. Boredom with the work; or taking clients goodwill for granted, leads to sloppiness and taking short cuts.
6. Over familiarity is a huge no no! The concept that familiarity breeds contempt still holds true today. The HOUSE CLEANER is there to do a great job; NOT to be the clients confidant.

From the perspective of the hopeful client; the end result of the issues listed here; (and is by no means exhaustive); raring their ugly heads, is utter dissatisfaction; disappointment; and frustration with the level of the service being provided.

Excellence can and should be the common experience; and the goal of service providers

The really good news is that clients can and should expect the very best from COMMON SENSE cleaners. Great DOMESTIC. CLEANERS do exist; and the best CLEANING SERVICES find them; recruit them; train them; and retain them.
In conclusion; unless, and until HOME CLEANING SERVICES adopt a “can do” approach to the needs a of the well informed client of today; they stand to lose their business.
The truth is that clients have a huge range of CLEANERS to choose from out there in www land. If common sense cleaners are provided to meet the discerning clients needs; these top notch businesses can expect repeat business and referrals to be the common result; and the bonus will be a healthier bottom line.

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