Chemically free cleaning is healthier for families

//Chemically free cleaning is healthier for families

Chemically free cleaning is healthier for families

Most of us will do everything we possibly can to ensure that we and our families remain as safe and healthy as is humanly possible.

With this thought in mind; the issue we are addressing in this short article; is related to the growing concern in the general community about the massive increase and overuse of toxic chemicals. This phenomenon is occurring in our water supply; our food supply; agriculture; the air we breathe; etc.

Is it possible to effectively ameliorate the impact this exposure to harmful chemicals may be impacting our health and well being? Whilst it is patently obvious that one cannot control all types of pollutants; in reality you do have the option of reducing or controlling the amount of exposure to toxins within your own households.

More consumers choosing low toxic cleaning supplies

There are a growing number of concerned residents in Melbourne who want to protect their families from some of these very avoidable hazards. Many have already begun utilizing safer House Cleaning techniques as an intelligent approach in an endeavour to minimise the effects of everyday pollutants.

Environmentally conscious consumers are increasingly saying no to toxic Cleaning products. As an alternative, they are  choosing GREEN CLEANING products and GREEN cleaning House Cleaning Companies. One simple and effective strategy is to identify, and then reduce the usage of harmful toxins and chemicals that are commonly used in our own homes.

Medical research has confirmed the harmful impact that traditional cleaning chemicals are having on human health. These exposures are causing serious damage to eyes, skin, lungs, and in some cases, severe and dangerous allergic reactions. In addition, the cumulative effect of disposing of these chemicals into our waterways is causing harmful and damaging effects to our environment.

Make a decision to protect your families well being

Eco-friendly products are just as effective; (if not more so); as commercial cleaning products. Many people wrongly assume that they have no other option but to use bleach cleaners to remove mould and mildew and other various stains from the wet areas of your home. It turns out that our Grandmothers Green cleaning methods were much more effective than what we have since adopted in recent years. Fortunately, we are now rediscovering these almost forgotten treasures of knowledge from the so called olden days.

Taking advantage of Green Cleaning will not only help to protect your health; but also has the promise of protecting the delicate ECO systems from unnecessary damaging toxins.

Healthier Homes

When you read the warning labels on cleaning products that are sitting in your laundry and kitchen; you will likely be alarmed. The negative effects of these chemical ingredients are having the greatest impact on children and pets. There are many reported cases of serious trauma and hospitilisation caused by exposure to these poisons. Isn’t it time to investigate what actions you can take to reduce or even irradicate these hazards that are lurking in and around your home environment?

Going Green is one effective strategy that will help to protect family members. Developing chronic illness or diseases due to exposure to those harmful poisons is entirely avoidable.

Safer households and environment

You need to become properly informed and educated about potential negative impacts of commercial cleaning products. This will give you a greater sense of peace knowing what is being used to clean your kitchen bench, sprayed in your shower recess; or elsewhere in your homes. You will be happier to know that any residue from the usage of Green cleaning products will break down naturally in the environment. These natural residues will not be the causative factor that has been responsible for the loss of wildlife, plants and insects.

Economical and smart cleaning

Why not choose alternatives such as Vinegar; Bicarbonate of soda; Methylated spirits; enviro friendly detergents; and Microfibre cloths to name just a few. Seek out companies who use these natural cleaning protocols; and who recommend products such as essential oils. These oils leave a pleasant and lingering aroma that won’t irritate your nose or eyes.

Time for a change?

In conclusion; the average person wants to keep their families safe. They are more aware than ever that being exposed to harmful chemicals is no longer an acceptable risk. If you suspect that you or your family are experiencing unusual medical symptoms or chronic illness; then surely it is time to take action to address underlying causes?

You would not deliberately spray chemical toxins around your home for your family members to breathe in, if you knew what was in them. Organic and natural green products is your best option to help protect your family from developing potentially serious reactions to everyday Housheold chemicals.

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