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Do you need a Window Cleaning makeover for your Home?

Wouldn’t it be great to wave a magic wand over our dirty windows; and have them sparkling clean in an instant? Well; dream on; that is not going to happen any tme soon. The reality is; unless you or your partner; (or both of you); grit your teeth; and just do it; (as it says in the Nike Ad); this job will keep on taunting you; begging to be done.
Every time you look out of those filthy windows; it […]

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The amazing Window cleaning Squeegee

Having grown up in the sixties; I am acutely aware that the world we lived in just a few short decades ago is strikingly different to the brave new world of today.

Most of us have experienced the explosion in technological advances that in general have provided us with a much higher quality of life we now enjoy.

At the same time, there has been significant and sustained improvements to our living standards. Interestingly; there was a statement made by a prominent American […]

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Window cleaning for Dummies?

Do we recommend DIY  Window cleaning?

Before we begin; we need to state from the outset, that the purpose of this article is not about providing information on how to clean windows. In fact; on the contrary; we want to warn the ignorant layperson that attempting to clean one’s own windows is not the smartest thing to do.

The internet has a wealth of information for the “dummy”

If you care to scan the internet; you will notice various individuals or companies offering tips […]

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The accidental window cleaner (part two)

In part one; I outlined my working life journey which involved moving on from factory life to working as a successful sales person in Shoe stores.

The following is an outline of the final part of my journey, where I transitioned from a mere boy, to a mature man.
That man moved on to working in my own business; and yes; embarking on a most unlikely enterprise – Window Cleaning!

Another turning point

The managerial role the […]

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The accidental window cleaner (part -1)

How often have you heard a story from a friend or an acquaintance who described to you about how their career found them?
You may hear someone say that their existing job was meant to be a temporary one; and yet thirty years later, there they are; still going great guns in that same job.

Well; this article is about one such young man who, when he was 14 years old; he left school, and applied for various jobs, including the Post Office […]

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