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Why You Need To Hire Professionals for Window Cleaning

Having a tough time at keeping your windows crisp and clean? Well, no one can blame you. Window cleaning isn’t the easiest of tasks in the world. Very few people have the mastered the of skill of a completely streak-free window clean! Even if you are one of those rare people with the capabilities of cleaning your windows to perfection, it still is hard work that is incredibly time-consuming.

It is important to hire a professional cleaner […]

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Are Baby Boomers the last of the big spenders?

Are BABY BOOMERS as well off as the media claims?

Have they accumulated more disposable income and assets than their children?

Speaking from our experience in observing what has occurred in the DOMESTIC HOUSE CLEANING business over the last 35 years; we would conclude that the answers to these two questions would be yes!

Self funded retirees now make up […]

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Window Cleaning tips for the wanna be novice

Do’s and don’ts for the budding Window Cleaner novice.

Before we jump in; let’s examine; and try to identify the types of individuals who might fit the profile of a competent and successful candidate. It’s often been said that CLEANING WINDOWS is not for the faint hearted; and I would heartily agree with that sentiment.

What are some of the prerequisites then for our erstwhile novice?

1. Physically […]

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Love those unloved windows again

 Are you sick of looking at your soiled and UNLOVED Windows?

We have great news for time poor Home owners. AAA Supershine is a Professional Residential Window Cleaning Company operating here in Melbourne; and we will radically transform your HOUSE Windows from streaky, sad, dull and dreary, to a brilliantly clean Sparkle and Shine finish! In addition, Our Window cleaning team will clear away those […]

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Window Cleaning – When only the best will do

Excellent Window Cleaning Services in Melbourne.

AAA Supershine Window Cleaning Services can assist many more clients across many more suburbs. There are a large number of Window Cleaning Companies to choose from today; and if you have tried one of them, and been disappointed or dissatisfied; maybe it is time for a change?

When only the best will do

It’s no accident that we have established many happy clients in the inner Eastern and Eastern Suburbs […]

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Your Smart Window Cleaning Service

The smart window cleaners profile.

Window cleaners come in all shapes and sizes; but some are just smarter than others.
What are these “smarts” that separate the men from the boys in the world of Window Cleaning here in good old Melbourne town?

1. Motivation

This attribute is the driving force that propels the smart Window Cleaner to heights; (pardon the pun); that the laid back or casual guy/gal will never attain.
A classic example of motivation […]

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Why do Clients engage Window Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

Why do you have your Windows cleaned?

Having a great deal of knowledge about Domestic window Cleaning, I believe we are in a unique position for making observations about the when and the why many clients decide to have their windows cleaned.

There are of course the four seasons; and when we first began offering our Window Cleaning Services to Melbourne residents; there did not appear to be a great deal of concern from clients about what happened to be the season when […]

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How to find the Best Domestic Window Cleaners in Melbourne

Recommended protocols for selecting the best DOMESTIC WINDOW CLEANERS.

What are the qualities that make an excellent Window Cleaner?
Ask yourself some questions about the kind of person you want to clean in and around your home.

The best Window cleaners should tick several boxes

By undertaking the necessary background checks beforehand; you will avoid the disappointment of engaging the wrong person. Seek out someone who has your best interests at heart.

1. How professional are they in their approach and […]

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The evolution of Window cleaning Services in Melbourne

Was Domestic Window Cleaning always a necessity?

Over the the last fifty years; there have been a transition in the fortunes of the average Australian family.

In the fifties and sixties; the average family home was relatively small. Incomes were also modest. Dad was the principle bread winner; and regular outside help for Domestic type Window Cleaning services was not only deemed unnecessary; but also viewed as unaffordable.
Further; cleaning the House windows of single story dwellings was relatively easy due to the small […]

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Who needs a skilled Window cleaner?

Window Cleaning is dead easy; right?

If you were to ask the typical homeowner what they thought about washing their house windows; most would likely say that it is a fairly simple and straight forward process, and the only problem is that they have difficulty in finding the time to undertake this job.
The unvarnished truth however; is this – Window Cleaning; (whether it be your private […]

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