Cleaning tips and problems

/Cleaning tips and problems

What Type Of Home Infestation Do You Have?

Home should be your safe haven. It is the place where you should be able to unwind, kick off your shoes and be yourself. It is the place where infants should be able to crawl about the floor and where little ones should be able to enjoy cozy play times without being harmed or plagued by pesky bugs.

Sometimes your home could look perfectly clean and yet there could be a nasty infestation lurking that could be […]

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are one of those handy devices that make it much easier to clean homes more effectively, and probably the ultimate must have item for any home, especially for homes with carpets.

Vacuum cleaners also have quite an interesting history.  Daniel Hess, a carpet sweeper from Iowa developed the first vacuum cleaner in 1860.  He had a dust allergy which made his job as a carpet sweeper just about impossible to execute.  Hess […]

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How to Kill Dust Mites in Non-Washable Items

Dust mites in the house can result in a range of medical conditions.  These tiny arachnids are cousins to spiders and can be the source of allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, coughing, facial pressure and pain, sneezing, runny nose and itchy, red or watery eyes.  It is also quite alarming to think that you could be sharing a bed with more than a million dust mites if you haven’t cleaned the mattress in a while.

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Could the dust in your HOME be toxic?

Many of us believe that if our home is clean; then our health should be great.

As a general principle we know that that regular in depth HOUSE CLEANING is a good and wise thing to do.
Cleaning of common Household surfaces such as kitchen bench tops; sinks; hard floors; carpets; and vanities will mean our families are protected from exposure to germs; bugs; viruses, and creepy crawlies right?
The short answer is yes. The long […]

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Technique for cleaning mould off shower tiles and floor tiles.

Mould removal can be a challenge for the householder, and for House cleaning novices.

In this short article you will learn a natural non toxic method for eliminating the dreaded mould that frequently builds up and persists in and around your home.

A penny’s worth of “know how” is like a goldmine for the savings you will make in time and stress. Ok; so here goes; the following are our instructions for the removal of that ugly looking pink or black mould which may […]

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Chemically free cleaning is healthier for families

Most of us will do everything we possibly can to ensure that we and our families remain as safe and healthy as is humanly possible.

With this thought in mind; the issue we are addressing in this short article; is related to the growing concern in the general community about the massive increase and overuse of toxic chemicals. This phenomenon is occurring in our water supply; our food supply; agriculture; the air we breathe; etc.

Is it possible to effectively ameliorate the impact […]

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Mould; mildew; and your family’s health

There is mounting evidence that environmental factors within our own homes; are contributing to the increasing incidence of medical conditions.
Most of us are aware that mould and mildew are undesirable visitors in our homes.
Whilst there is an acceptance that it is desirable to erradicate these insidious growths; many home owners are not aware that mould; mildew, and fungi can seriously effect their health and well being.

In this article we will briefly look at the following issues

• What is mould and mildew?
• […]

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