The rise of the house Cleaning industry – Part one

What is behind the meteroic popularity of House Cleaning Services in Australia?

Why is it that Domestic cleaning services have proliferated, and are now freely available throughout the length and breadth of Australia?

Over the past thirty or so years; the average Australian has gradually become more prosperous; and as a result of this; there has been more disposable income available to households;. […]

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Natural Home Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Suffering from allergies can be a living nightmare for many.

While other people may enjoy all seasons, those afflicted with allergic reactions may feel like prisoners in their own homes!

If you suffer from allergies; Cleaning your house can be challenging, to say the least.

Sensitivity to dust or household Cleaning products you use, can make it difficult to breathe; and may also cause a sneezing frenzy.
House Cleaning chores are unavoidable; and allergy sufferers are […]

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How Professional Home Cleaning Benefits Your Work Life

Most people believe that work life and home life should never mix. But home life can have a huge impact on your work life. Just consider for a moment the mood difference at work when you wake up happy versus those mornings where family issues are getting you down. Your home environment has a huge impact on your work life and professional home cleaning can make a tremendous difference in your work life. Here is how professional home […]

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are one of those handy devices that make it much easier to clean homes more effectively, and probably the ultimate must have item for any home, especially for homes with carpets.

Vacuum cleaners also have quite an interesting history.  Daniel Hess, a carpet sweeper from Iowa developed the first vacuum cleaner in 1860.  He had a dust allergy which made his job as a carpet sweeper just about impossible to execute.  Hess […]

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How to Kill Dust Mites in Non-Washable Items

Dust mites in the house can result in a range of medical conditions.  These tiny arachnids are cousins to spiders and can be the source of allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, coughing, facial pressure and pain, sneezing, runny nose and itchy, red or watery eyes.  It is also quite alarming to think that you could be sharing a bed with more than a million dust mites if you haven’t cleaned the mattress in a while.

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House Cleaning Services: The good; the bad, and the ugly.

Explosion in demand for House Cleaning Services

Over the last few decades; there has been an unprecedented call from home owners who are enquiring about all kinds of services to take the pressure of their common household chores.

Is this demand good for the end consumer?

Yes, and no.
As a result of the growth in demand for Home Helpers; there has been a corresponding, […]

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Plan Ahead For All Your Spring Celebrations

The AFL Grand Final, the Melbourne Cup, the Spring Carnival – these are the parties you might be preparing for during spring. One after the other and before you know it, you’ve been left cleaning your home over and over again.
Well, there is nothing to worry about. As experts in providing top quality cleaning services for people throughout Melbourne, we can give you some solid tips to prepare yourself for this busy – and don’t forget, super […]

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Has HOUSEWORK become unfashionable?

Are we all becoming slaves to the latest designs and whims of the FASHION POLICE?

How pervasive does the influence of current modes go? The reality is that we are not as independent from pressures from the media and our peer group as we might have thought.
Our title here is referring to HOUSE WORK; but there are many other “fashion” issues that may effect our decision making process.

The Pokemon craze

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Are Baby Boomers the last of the big spenders?

Are BABY BOOMERS as well off as the media claims?

Have they accumulated more disposable income and assets than their children?

Speaking from our experience in observing what has occurred in the DOMESTIC HOUSE CLEANING business over the last 35 years; we would conclude that the answers to these two questions would be yes!

Self funded retirees now make up […]

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Common sense Home Cleaning is needed

Is common sense lacking in the Home Cleaning Services genre?

You often hear this throw away line quoted; “common sense is not very common these days.” Let’s play devils advocate for a moment; and try to discover if there is any validity to this assertion by many frustrated clients.
When we examine the evidence from aggrieved clients; we have to conclude there are many problems associated with HOUSE CLEANERS; and the various CLEANING Companies they […]

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