Advice to Male House Cleaners

//Advice to Male House Cleaners

Advice to Male House Cleaners

It behooves male cleaners to be aware of the following attributes and qualities that are necessary when considering whether or not to enter this flourishing business.

More males want to work in homes 

It appears that Males are increasingly seeking work as House Cleaners. Notwithstanding this trend, there still persists an old fashioned perception that males are not as good at House cleaning as their female counterparts.

This fact may not be known by many; however, the reality is that there are as many; if not more male cleaners as there are females operating in all areas of the cleaning industry.

Why do many females prefer females to work in their homes?

In a typical household, it is the women who usually clean their houses on a regular basis. In most cases; females partners know more about the finer points of cleaning than their husbands. Males often have to be on guard when they present themselves to potential female client’s.
This seems a little harsh; however, males do not need to stress out about this issue. All that is required is to impress upon the client that they are indeed proficient; diligent; and above all; demonstrating that they know what they are doing; and do it really well.

The clients expectations

If males are really serious about being a part of a top quality House cleaning Services team; they will need to have a great eye for detail.

It is also necessary that all individuals aspiring to work as a cleaner must gain extensive experience and knowledge.This may comprise complimentary cleaning of friends houses; or at the very least extensive cleaning of their own homes on a regular basis. Males need to know that if they have had only Commercial cleaning experience; their level of cleaning expertise may be inferior than for what is demanded from that of a specialist Home cleaner.

Other experience is not always helpful

Even if a male has previously worked for a Domestic cleaning Company; that experience may not necessarily guarantee that their standard of cleaning will be at a high enough level. There are some companies who do not insist that their cleaning contractors learn and maintain high standards.. Males may need to unlearn poor cleaning habits of the past. Cleaners must offer client’s the highest quality professional service in order to satisfy a much more discerning clientele.

Do you have outstanding references?

An essential prerequisite for potential candidates is to obtain”written” references from people who will vouch for their expertise and competency. These references must be honest and genuine ones.When cleaners have had a great deal of experience cleaning private homes; they will become more desirable for a potential client or a company who are seeking excellent cleaning personel.

Professional presentation

Never undersectimate the need of being an excellent communicator. An appropriate level of English skills is an absolute necessity. Great cleaners need to possess a polite and understanding disposition. They need to be keen to hear from, and to assiduously apply what the clients cleaning expectations are.

If you are a poor communicator; this will be a serious drawback for your employment prospects. You should always present as a professional when you are dealing with problems or difficult situations. When there is an emergency, a courteous professional person will call the client as soon as possible. They would need to inform the client as to the reason for an unavoidably delay or cancellation of the appointment.

Clients will tell the story

A male will know that they are successful, when they hear a happy client enthusiastically announce that they are the best cleaner that they have ever had! This accolade will occur when the client observes that their cleaning work is “consistently” excellent. All cleaners MUST have an excellent eye for detail; (that means they NEVER miss a dirty mark, dust on surfaces, an obvious dog hair or human hair left on the carpet of tiles; smudges, or smears etc), As matter of course; the best House Cleaners check their work thoroughly EVERY single time!

Excellence is the standard

The best cleaners are never satisfied with average or below average work. Top people are always keen to please the client. They are always “on;”even when the client is not looking. They ALWAYS do the right time, (work for the number of hours they were booked for). They do not lie or cheat the client; and are “always” ethical and hard working. The outstanding individual always has plenty of work, and they also receive lots of recommendations from friends of the clients they work for.

The question for the male cleaner?

The question to all Males; do they really want to become the best at their job? The hope and expectation is that they will fulfill the aforesaid requirements.

If the necessary groundwork has been undertaken; males can be assured of success. A male cleaner can be every bit as good as a female cleaner. They surely can hold their own and succeed in the very competitive and demanding role which is that of the residential House Cleaner.


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