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John and Pam McAuliffe began this family business in 1979 with the aim of providing first class Domestic House Cleaning and Window Cleaning Services for the local community. We began operations in the suburb of Greensborough. Later on we moved to Eltham which is also located in the Diamond Valley area of Melbourne. It became apparent to us that our Cleaning Company was one of the earliest successful Domestic cleaning Agencies to begin operations here in Melbourne.

New owners of AAA Supershine

Glenn and Sep McAuliffe assumed joint control of AAA Supershine Home Services in July 2015. Glenn and Sep are committed to the continuation of the successful business policies and philosophy that has made AAA Supershine a leader in the Home Cleaning Services sector.

Baby Boomers needed help with Domestic cleaning chores

It was in the early eighties when the Baby Boomer generation began settling down, and were starting their families, that Pam initiated the plan to begin a business she called “Pam’s Home Help.” Pam recognised that there was a great need for Household Cleaning Services. This revelation came about due to her own personal experiences. Pam found herself in a situation where there was a lack of sufficient time and energy to get all that she needed to achieve in her busy daily schedule. John had already started the Professional Window cleaning part of our fledgling business; and it was only a short time later, that we realised that this new venture was going to be our full time vocation.

House cleaning no longer
a luxury

We realised that Home cleaning was no longer a casual luxury, reserved only for the wealthy among us; but this really was now a genuine necessity for many busy people. We determined to throw all of our energies into satisfying the growing demand for these services. We are happy to say that we have developed a team of the best available Domestic Cleaners who can assist individuals and families needs on a regular basis.The business flourished, and throughout the Eighties and Nineties, many other Domestic Cleaning Companies had also sprung up; however, we knew that we would sustain, and continue forging ahead with what we had already established.

Top House Cleaners demanded by discerning clients

It is very clear to us, that there are more well informed clients who are in need of top quality Home cleaning Services. You are also now far more discerning and concerned about who you will engage for your individual requirements. You will not tolerate broken promises or inferior work. We are acutely aware of the fact that If we fail to deliver a high standard; you will look elsewhere to satisfy your requirements.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning not a fad

Green cleaning is now a requirement for an increasing number of individuals who are experiencing severe reactions to toxic chemicals that are used in Supermarket products. In order to address this; we recommend non toxic cleaners wherever possible to these sensitive clients. More client’s are willing to accept that Green cleaning is here to stay.

Thirty five years in the Home cleaning Services business

Over this challenging journey; we have expanded our House Cleaning Services throughout Melbourne, and we have also changed our Business name to AAA Supershine Home Services, which we believe more accurately reflects what our Business is about. We strongly believe that our many years in this business is of great benefit to you. We do our best to deliver what clients want and expect from a Professional Cleaning Company. Establishing the best House Cleaners in our team to satisfy your requirements and expectations guarantees your satisfaction.

Our business philosophy

AAA Supershine’s philosophy has always revolved around customer service. We retain a genuine commitment to offer you the highest possible quality of service. Unless we maintain that commitment, we will be like so many others; have nothing of substance; just empty words. Our specialists are expert in both arms of our business; (Domestic House cleaning and Window cleaning services). Our promise is to continue to offer you the best of the best. We will retain these self imposed lofty standards that we have worked long and hard to establish.