7 Good Reasons to Hire Cleaning Professionals after Builders Cleans

//7 Good Reasons to Hire Cleaning Professionals after Builders Cleans

7 Good Reasons to Hire Cleaning Professionals after Builders Cleans

When renovating a space or building a new home it is brilliant to see your contractors and builders get to work and transform an old and out of date property into something modern and beautiful. The cleanup afterwards, however… is not so exciting.

Yes, most building and construction companies will clean up after themselves – but only to an extent. You can count on quite a lot of dirt and grime all over once the project is over and done with.

So should you DIY this cleanup or hire professionals who specialise in builders cleans? Here are some of the top reasons why a professional service is a necessity when it comes to construction site cleanups.

1. Get Rid Of All That Dust

One of the biggest cons of renovations is the dust. It doesn’t matter how small or big the renovation might be; there is going to be a lot of dust and the thing about dust is that it doesn’t just affect the construction area. It drifts and settles on EVERYTHING. Your entire home will be covered in a layer of not just any dust – concrete dust that is going to end up in your lungs.

Getting all that dust out of your closets, cupboards, off furniture and out of your carpets will be a nightmare and that is exactly why you need professional help. At AAA House Cleaning our cleaners are experts at dust control and we will get all of those dusty spots cleaned out in no time at all.

2. Get Rid Of Stubborn Construction Grime

After every renovation project there is always a lot of construction grime like silicon, sealants, paint spots, concrete and tile grout that are left in spots where they have spilled, smeared and just don’t belong. Professional cleaners know exactly how to get these stubborn messes cleaned and we have got all the right tools and cleaning agents for every type of spill or smear.

3. Deep Clean Those Rugs and Carpets

Do you have carpets in some of your rooms? Then these are probably layered in dust and might even have quite a few stains and dirt spots on them. Your carpets need to be properly vacuumed and deep cleaned in order to get all of that dirt and grime removed from it and to clear off stains. Carpet cleaning is no easy task but our expert cleaners will take care of it for you.

4. Clean Upholstery

We will also get all of that dirt out of your upholstery and can even wash and re-hang all of your curtains for you so your beloved upholstery and linen won’t get stained and damaged in the renovation process.

5. Refresh Your Building

Construction projects always leave behind odours due to dust, concrete, paint and even some other foul smells. Professional cleaners will deep clean your upholstery, carpets and all hard surfaces and we use cleaning products that will give your property a refreshing smell. Our services are perfect for getting a fresh and clean smelling home after a major construction project.

6. Save Yourself Lots of Time and Effort

Deep cleaning a property is not a fun task and it is incredibly time-consuming to get the job done right. Save yourself the effort and hire professionals who can get the job done quickly and affordable.

7. Appreciate Your Renovation

When your new construction is cleaned professionally everything will look neat, tidy and terrific. This will make you appreciate the big reveal so much more and the entire renovation will be so much more rewarding.

Taking on a big renovation project soon? Then make the call and book AAA House Cleaning in advance so you can step into a brilliant looking space when the project is over and done with.

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