10 Dirtiest Areas In Your Home

//10 Dirtiest Areas In Your Home

10 Dirtiest Areas In Your Home

Your home looks pretty clean as long as it is organised, but is it really clean?  Germs and bacteria can hide throughout your home, so if you’re not cleaning thoroughly, you might be leaving behind germs that can make you and your family sick.

Here are the 10 dirtiest and germiest areas in your home that require special attention from AAA House Cleaning.

Cutting Boards

Natural wood absorbs germs into the wood fibres.  Your cutting board probably contains plenty of bacteria and might even contain lots of dangerous bacteria, as well as mould.  Be sure to wash your cutting board thoroughly, or let our team do a deep clean in your kitchen.

Stove Knobs

No one likes to scrub stove knobs. These tiny knobs are also mostly overlooked when you’re cleaning the kitchen because they are so hard to clean.  Kitchen stove knobs are one of the dirtiest parts of your home. From constant touching to food residue, there’s plenty of build-up on knobs, meaning they need to be cleaned regularly.

Pet Toys

Do you have pet toys around the house?  Not only does your dog play with them on a regular basis, but they’re often left outside.  Most people don’t think to clean their pet toys, but cleaning their toys can not only make for a cleaner home, but a healthier pet.

Coffee Makers

There’s not much better than waking up to fresh coffee, but it’s not so great when your coffee maker hasn’t been cleaned in a while.  Dust and mould can build up in the machine, which can definitely impact the quality of your coffee.

Pet Bowls

Do you wash your pet’s bowl after every meal?  Pet bowls are extremely dirty and contain plenty of bacteria.  These bowls can also result in worm and bacterial infections in children if they come in contact with a dirty pet bowl.

Toothbrush Holdershome cleaning services melbourne

You probably rinse your toothbrush after every brush, but how often do you wash your toothbrush holder?  Toothbrush holders accumulate plenty of dust, and they are always damp, which results in mould growth.

Dish Sponges

Dish sponges should be replaced regularly.  When you use your sponges to clean dishes or wipe down your kitchen, germs and bacteria become trapped in the sponge.  Always wash your sponges after using them, and make sure it’s with hot, soapy water to help kill as many germs as possible.

Around The Toilet

Your bathroom can easily be one of the dirtiest places in your home if you’re not regularly cleaning it.  The area around your toilet can harbour countless germs. If you don’t clean your bathroom regularly, that area will become dirtier with every use.  Germs and bacteria can cause mould growth, which has a direct impact on the air quality in your home.

Your Favourite Couch

Most people don’t realise that you should clean your couch at least once every two weeks in order for it to be clean.  When you sit on your couch, oils, sweat, and dead skin cells are left behind on the couch. If you’re not regularly cleaning, those can build up quickly.  While a surface clean is a good temporary fix, the team at AAA House Cleaning can give your couch the deep-cleaning it deserves.

If you want a professional to come and clean these dirty areas in your home, then give AAA House Cleaning a call.  We pay special attention to detail and will give your home a fantastic deep-clean so you don’t have to worry about keeping your home clean.

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